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Manufacturer trusted: It’s Always Been ION INSIDE

May 07 2024

It's widely known that ION Science's designs, and develops, and manufactures technology has consistently powered the MiniPID (also sold as the PID-A1, AH, and AX), historically available through both ION Science and our exclusive distributor, Alphasense. Following Alphasense acquisition by AMETEK Inc, the longstanding partnership has sadly concluded. Despite this change, we want to assure all MiniPID (PID-A1, AH, and AX) customers that they can still obtain the unparalleled MiniPID directly from ION Science Head Quarters in Cambridge, UK, or from their global subsidiary offices.

Customers who previously obtained MiniPID sensors (PID-A1, AH, and AX) through Alphasense or their affiliated distributors are now encouraged to procure the world's premium PID sensor directly from the manufacturer.

We proudly provide the quickest PID sensor lead times available on the market. Paired with our seasoned and devoted support teams available across the globe, ION is committed to ensuring an honest, smooth, and uninterrupted supply of MiniPID sensors for all our customers.

For any enquiries regarding the transition away from Alphasense supply, we stand ready to help. Customers can rest assured that there will be no compromise in product quality, variety, or availability. The distinctive technology that distinguishes ION Science’s MiniPID sensors remains unchanged, guaranteeing the same exceptional product across all eight of our expertly crafted sensor variants. To explore the full PID sensor range, click here.

NEW Sensor variant: Mini PID 2 PPB XF Sensor

Amidst our latest product innovation is the launch of the new MiniPID 2 PBB XF, equipped with our High Sense lamp, engineered to be our most sensitive lamp yet., The sensor continues to boasts the industry renowned humidity-resistant technology, ensuring durability in even the most demanding environments.

Its advanced design, drastically minimises the need for maintenance, setting a new standard in reliability. With the longest filter life available on the market, it ensures consistent, precise performance over the long term. This not only reduces the cost of ownership but also enables proactive, scheduled maintenance, saving customersfrom the hassle and expense of emergency reactive services, proving the MiniPID 2 PPB XF to be a cost-effective solution that will also improve operational efficiency.

The Evolution of PID

Given the diverse applications for PID and the varying demands for chemical detection across different concentrations and operating conditions, our dedicated research and development team, with over 70 combined years of PID expertise, has collaborated closely with end users and product management teams.

While employing top-tier technology is integral to product design, long-term success hinges on robust technical support, superior quality, and reliable supply. At ION Science, we view our customers as partners and forge close collaborations with major gas detection companies worldwide. Integrating PIDs into instrumentation presents unique challenges, but with over 35 years of experience in VOC instrumentation development, we possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved. Our enthusiastic support team is dedicated to sharing this knowledge, streamlining product development processes, and accelerating returns on investment for our partners.

Our Promise to Lamp Innovation

At the heart of any PID is the ionising source, the lamp, which defines lifetime, ionisation energy and sensor quality.  As the lamp is such a critical component, ION Science began manufacturing lamps in house over 20 years ago and have invested significantly invested in the cutting-edge technology to continuously improve processes, now boasting the longest lifetime and highest quality lamps on the market, available in 10.0, 10.6 and unique to ION Science11.7 eV sensitivity variants.

Reliable Supply Chain

In navigating the perpetually dynamic and intricate global supply chain landscape, we have fostered robust collaborations with all pivotal suppliers, forging enduring relationships aimed at guaranteeing sustained and uninterrupted provision of essential components. Through these strategic alliances, we have committed to delivering optimal lead times for PID sensor procurement to our esteemed partners across the globe, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring seamless continuity in their respective endeavours. Additionally, our in-house Senior Management Team plays a pivotal role in mitigating global supply chain issues, leveraging their expertise to proactively address challenges and ensure uninterrupted flow of critical components.

Our Commitment to Innovation

As During the last, 35 years, we have continually reinvested to ensure that we can continue to pioneer gas sensing technology, this value was reinstated back in September 2021 when we commenced the construction of a brand-new cutting-edge research and development facility adjacent to our Cambridge headquarters. Anticipating future demands in gas sensing technology, the team eagerly awaits the completion of this facility in June 2024. Equipped with state-of-the-art resources, our team will be empowered to pursue advancements in PID Technology. This investment underscores our commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of gas sensing technology.

We’re attending Sensor + Test 2024

We’re happy to share that we will be exhibiting at Sensor + Test 2024 – the ultimate international trade fair for sensor, measurement, and testing technology.

Please visit us at Booth 1-300, in Hall 1, where our expert team will be providing exclusive interactive demonstrations as well as an in-depth look into our new sensor variant the Mini PID 2 PBB XF sensor.

If you would like to book a demonstration or require any additional support, please click here.

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