• The Complete Boiler Room Gas Detection Solution from IGD

Gas Detection

The Complete Boiler Room Gas Detection Solution from IGD

May 07 2024

Boiler rooms play a vital role in producing heat and energy in both homes and industrial environments, but they present several gas hazards that require careful consideration and an appropriate gas detection system. Fortunately, IGD can provide state-of-the-art, scalable gas detection solutions for boiler rooms of any size, powered by our pioneering technology, and backed up by over a century of innovation.

So, what are the hazards?

Boiler Room Gas Hazards

Every boiler system is assembled from a number of parts. Potential leak points are created wherever one of those parts meets another making accurate, targeted gas detection a necessity to prevent the creation of a toxic, or explosive atmosphere.

In the UK, boilers contributed to 27.4% of non-fire-related carbon monoxide (CO) exposure events in the home between 2015 and 2019. The results of carbon monoxide poisoning can be disastrous with it being linked to an average of 60 deaths in England and Wales every year. CO is a colourless, odourless, toxic and flammable gas that typically presents itself in boiler rooms as a result of incomplete combustion in exhaust flues.

While CO is perhaps one of the more well-known gas threats it isn’t the only gas hazard posed by boiler rooms. Boiler rooms typically fall into one of two categories. Some boiler systems run on Methane (CH4), a flammable hydrocarbon, and significant greenhouse gas that is lighter than air. Others run on LPGs: colourless naturally occurring compounds, that are heavier than air. Each boiler room type requires a different gas detection solution.

The IGD Solution

As the world’s oldest gas detection specialist and a recognised industry leader, you can rely on IGD to provide bespoke solutions for any boiler room. We utilise a combination of fixed and portable gas detectors to provide you with protection that's comprehensive, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

Cutting Edge Technology

TOC-635 Plus and Micro

  • Cutting Edge 2-Wire Addressable Technology and Sentinel+TM digital communication software.
  • Cloud-based data acquisitions via the onboard Wi-Fi (plus).
  • SMS and email alerts.
  • Connect up to 8 (Micro) and 32 (Plus) devices respectively.
  • Interconnect detectors in series and repurpose existing wiring to cut installation costs by up to 80%.

TOC-750 Safe Area Detectors

  • Can monitor for up to 700 gases including CO, CH4 and LPGs.
  • Plug-and-Play Sensors Auto-change to monitor for different gases.
  • Unique labyrinth design helps to protect long-life sensors from damage.
  • Combine with one of our collector cones or hoods for the targeted monitoring of CH4.
  • 420mA outputs and 2-core no-polarity cables accommodate integration into an existing setup.


Portable gas detectors are your first line of defence against gas hazards. Portable detectors provide personal exposure monitoring and all products come bump-tested and backed by our 10-year guarantee.

Check out IGD’s range of portable gas detectors here, check out our latest blog on boiler rooms here, or reach out to one of our team here to find out more about how IGD can provide the perfect gas detection solution, for your application.

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