• Earth Day: Can Hydrogen Safety Save the Planet?

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Earth Day: Can Hydrogen Safety Save the Planet?

Apr 09 2024

Earth Day is an annual celebration intended to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and Earth’s natural resources. Over the past few decades, we have become increasingly aware of the impact that industry has on the environment and that our future will be reliant on the promotion of industries that limit our environmental damage. There is no better example of this than hydrogen - an emerging industry that looks set to revolutionise the fuel economy with the potential for near-zero greenhouse gas emissions - but there’s work to do.

The Process

Electrolysers are industrial devices that split water into hydrogen and oxygen, emitting only water vapour and warm air. This process, known as electrolysis, is a way to produce hydrogen gas which can be utilised as a clean energy source to be stored, transported and utilised. But, as hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, it is prone to leaking and extremely flammable. It’s vital that you manage the explosive nature of hydrogen with sufficient gas monitoring, particularly in enclosed containerised installations, and there’s no one better placed to provide that monitoring than IGD. The oxygen produced during electrolysis can also present a threat, as oxygen-enriched areas can be both flammable and asphyxiating. Fortunately, both gases can be monitored with one revolutionary detector.

The World’s Most Versatile Gas Detector

This is the TOC-903-X5 - a standalone detector transmitter approved for ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 & 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & 22 (Dust) offering advanced dual-gas detection capabilities in one compact housing. Complete with one-person non-intrusive calibration and our 2-Wire Addressable system, it can also be used as a controller for additional interconnected detectors, or external devices such as beacon sounders.

Our Plug-and-Play sensors enable the monitoring of over 400 gases and vapours but when it comes to electrolysers you’ll be relying on our MK8 pellistor and our oxygen sensor for fast, reliable and accurate detection. The MK8 pellistor flammable gas sensor is the most poison-resistant detector on the market, and our long-life oxygen sensors have a 5-year service life making maintenance easy, and further limiting environmental impact.

Detectably Better Hydrogen Safety

Flammable gas detectors are key to scaling the potential of electrolysers and protecting people who want to use electrolysers to safely create hydrogen as an energy source. The modular flexibility of the TOC-903-X5 makes it the perfect solution for scaling the potential of an electrolyser.

The TOC-903-X5 can revolutionise any gas detection set-up. Check out our recent article to find out why we call it the world’s most versatile gas detector.

The public image of hydrogen is in need of a facelift and for the industry to progress and play its role in a fossil fuel-free future, we must promote the importance of hydrogen safety.

The TOC-903-X5 comes with our 10-year warranty and is backed by more than a century of innovation, expertise and experience in gas detection.

That’s why IGD is the Detectably Better choice for hydrogen gas safety.

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