• New Product Brochure Debuts New X-ray Fluorescence Analysers

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New Product Brochure Debuts New X-ray Fluorescence Analysers

Oct 29 2007

Innov-X Systems (USA) announces the introduction of several new products for x-ray fluorescence analysis of alloys and other
applications described in an informative new 12-page technical brochure. The new products include the most diverse, high
performance line of applied industrial XRF analysers in the world. From the smallest, toughest handheld XRF, to XRF’s for onboard or on-platform marine and oil/gas industries, to continuous high-throughput sorting systems, Innov-X is the one company that can provide a solution for virtually any elemental analysis requirement.
Innov-X now offers two handheld analyser configurations. The ultra-rugged design handheld XRF is a fully sealed, weatherproof XRF featuring a heavy-duty package, that is impervious to moisture and dust. The Alpha Seriesâ„¢ is the classic, popular handheld XRF engineered around a removable PDA.
Applications include alloy chemistry and grade for positive materials identification (PMI), NDT and Quality Control uses. The Innov-X XRF has become the preferred analyser for petrochemical, production/power and fabrication industries. It is widely accepted for alloy verification in nearly every major refinery, the nuclear power industry, and by leading recyclers, alloy producers and fabricators.
Detect challenging elements at significantly lower detection levels, using the high power mobile capabilities of the new X50 MobiLab ™ unit. The X-50 mobile XRF offers a higher level of power and performance not possible in smaller handheld XRF’s.
Operating at up to 25 times the power of a handheld XRF, the X-50 is an industrial-grade XRF offering the performance of traditional tabletop XRF systems while maintaining Innov-X Systems signature XRF portability. The X-50 is hardened for in-field use, unlike traditional benchtop XRF. It goes anywhere – it can be operated by battery or AC power. Its onboard factory calibrations make it exceptionally easy to use by non-technical operators. The underlying software can includes a full-featured analytical and user calibration package for advanced technical users. Also featured in the brochure are Innov-x’s high volume material sorting systems—the new QXR high-throughput,
automated sorting systems operate at 20 – 100 tons/hour depending upon the material. And are designed for continuous, high feed rate material identification and sorting such as in metal shredders and other recycling plants. Applications include; alloys – upgrading stainless, zorba, copper and other heavies,also high Cu or Zn aluminium, glass, PVC, BFR in polymer streams and “Meatball” extraction (diverting copper-bearing material from ferrous streams).
FOX-IQ Factory online XRF Analysers- Innov-X offers a complete line of XRF-based process analysers. Applications include continuous or discrete analysis of alloy tubing, liquid and slurry streams via patent-pending flow cell technology.
SEA-Mate Oil Analyser-- In partnership with the world’s largest shipping company A. P. Moller-Maersk, Innov-X has designed and manufactured the SEA-Mate line of XRF analysers for analysis of oils, fuels and lubricants. These analysers are designed for the marine and other heavy transportation industries and have been rigorously tested on board numerous Maersk vessels. Smallspot XRF analysis with Hawk-i™-- Designed mainly for the Pb-free and RoHS market, the Hawk-i has a small-spot x-ray beam (down to 1 mm in diameter) for elemental analysis of solder joints, small leads or other components where it is critical that the x-ray beam be aligned and striking only the sample region of interest.
All these analysers are totally free of radioactive materials. All Innov-X XRF analysers employ a pioneering tube technology, unlike other units; thus eliminating the risk and headaches of controlling radioactive material. This reduces regulatory baggage – no wipe tests, has minimal travel restrictions, is eay to transport and eliminates the liability of isotope control, improper use, theft and disposal.

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