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Gas Chromatograph with temperature programming

Jul 25 2009

The C2V-200 micro GC from C2V (The Netherlands) is built for fast reliable gas analysis, in the lab or on-line. Integrated micro chip technology combined with narrow bore capillary GC columns result in a higher performance for lower costs. The C2V-200 micro GC is designed for ease of use, reduced maintenance, and low gas consumption. Our exchangeable column cartridges, with integrated heating zones, can be easily installed.

The integrated micro chip injector ensures precise injection, while the fast column temperature programming gives an extra dimension in method optimization. Together this enables fast and highly repeatable analysis results in seconds.

With a speed of 240°C / minute the GC columns can be temperature programmed up to 10 temperature segments with a 0.1°C repeatability up to 180°C. This unique capability enables faster solutions.

The C2V-200 micro GC channels are independently operating GC’s, that can be assembled as one integrated instrument with common sample and carrier path. Or deployed as individual stand-alone instruments. No up front investment is required, to upgrade your C2V-200 micro GC with an additional GC channel later on.

On the base of the first GC channel, optionally a 2-stream selector (double block and bleed) can be placed, which allows software controlled switching between sample gas and calibration gas. On the base of the last GC channel, optionally a sample gas vacuum pump can be placed, which enables air sampling.

The C2V-200 micro GC is delivered with dedicated instrument control and data handling software to run on a PC. This brings you up to speed the moment you unpack the C2V-200. The C2V-200 microGC can be connected to the internet and controlled from virtually anywhere. For process solutions, an optional NeSSI (SP76-1.0) compatible foot enables flexible system design and integration.

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