• Water level telemetry system updated to include enhanced communication technology, barometric measurements and improved alarm settings


Water level telemetry system updated to include enhanced communication technology, barometric measurements and improved alarm settings

Nov 09 2021

Solinst Canada Ltd. recently updated their LevelSender 5 Telemetry Software and Firmware, which enables old and new end-users to enjoy the benefits of the many enhanced features. The LevelSender 5 provides an easy and cost-effective way to gather water level data from remotely deployed Solinst dataloggers.  

The improved LevelSender 5 utilises wireless cellular communication for sending water data from the field, to the user’s email account, as an SMS message, and to a dynamic database on a home station computer. The end-user has total control of data; it can be despatched it in whatever way works best for the user, which includes the option of sending it to an FTP server.

Solinst have also included the activation of the internal barometer on all systems built after November 2020. This enables automatically compensated water level data to be generated so there is no need for further data post-processing. 

The introduction of alarm settings for connected Solinst dataloggers is a further improvement. Operators can now set the device so they receive an email and/or text message if a pre-set alarm conditions occurs. In addition, an alarm message will automatically be transmitted if the battery level in the LevelSender is running low. For further data protection, it is now far easier to set up the connected dataloggers to record data separately within their internal memories as a back-up. if necessary.

Solinst have also introduced an optional SIM card. The LevelSender 5 needs to be set up in advance to simplify programming and installation. The Solinst SIM Card offers access to wider network coverage, as it scans various service providers automatically and selects the strongest signal for the instrument’s location. A low-cost, competitive data-only plan organised and billed directly through Solinst can be set-up so operators no longer have to face the hassle caused by weak signals from a single service provider. 

Telemetry saves both time and money by reducing the number of trips needed to the instrument’s location. Solinst’s LevelSender 5 saves further time thanks to two-way communication and the capability to remotely control and update a LevelSender from a home station computer. 

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