• Advanced satellite telemetry enables peace of mind for technicians undertaking extremely remote water monitoring projects

Water Monitoring

Advanced satellite telemetry enables peace of mind for technicians undertaking extremely remote water monitoring projects

Oct 20 2023

The development of highly advanced satellite telemetry has ushered in an era of convenience and peace of mind for environmental monitoring technicians who need up-to-date data on environmental conditions in far-flung and remote regions. Solinst have devised the extremely innovative SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry system which opens global connectivity and data control that has taking the stress out of highly important and yet remote water monitoring programs.

Iridium satellite technology is the beating heart of the SolSat 5, it ensures that, no matter where your water monitoring project takes you, a secure and reliable connection is always within reach. The Model 9700 SolSat 5 utilises the TextAnywhere two-way global satellite messaging service to transmit data from Solinst dataloggers deployed in the field; this data is transferred to a secure web portal, placing the end user firmly in control with the benefits of up-to-date information. TextAnywhere not only facilitates data transmission but also enables text and email communication via the integral SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App. For technicians operating in remote locations, this excellent feature not only streamlines the task at hand, but also enhances safety, providing a crucial lifeline to the outside world.

The SolSat 5 was designed with field conditions in mind. Its compact, lightweight build and robust weatherproof enclosure ensure durability and reliability in the harshest of environments. Installation is easy, requiring minimal site preparation, which translates to a welcome saving of both time and money. An integral solar panel extends the system's battery life and therefore makes it even more self-sufficient and efficient as an autonomous unit. Set-up is a simple process, thanks to the intuitive Solinst datalogger integration. A secure Wi-Fi App on a smartphone or laptop enables seamless viewing, scheduling, and configuration wirelessly from the browser. Additionally, the app allows users to set high or low-level alarms for the connected datalogger, ensuring that potential issues are promptly discovered and addressed. Users decide which data plan is suited to their specific needs, with no compromise on data quality. The SolSat 5 delivers a raft of information, including water level, temperature, conductivity, barometric data, and even battery voltage from the remote unit with each data report, while the built-in barometric sensor provides heightened accuracy by automatically compensating for water level data reported from the field.

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