• Cloud-based platform provides simplified monitoring, expand networks and extends data management for water sector


Cloud-based platform provides simplified monitoring, expand networks and extends data management for water sector

Mar 22 2024

Solinst Canada Ltd., has introduced the Solinst Cloud, a highly advanced cloud-based platform for simplifying storage and management of your water data and projects. Soliinst developed the platform to suit each customer’s specific needs, while being capable of adapting to the changes and expansions water monitoring networks undergo. Controlled access ensures that data is only accessible to authorised individuals, so the data is therefore extremely secure.

Solinst Cloud is designed to adapt to your needs and expand as your water monitoring networks grow. Data is secure; operators control access and extend data management to authorised personnel as and when required. Solinst Cloud supports LevelSender 5 network communications to facilitate seamless configuration into the operators’ telemetry systems and water monitoring networks and the easy set-up has put an end to the previous requirement for email addresses. Having been programmed and deployed, the user can update LevelSender settings remotely, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming visits to the site.

When data is sent to the Solinst Cloud, it can be viewed in multiple ways, providing the end user with a far better overview of everything happening at their sites. With the new capability to upload Levelogger log files to your projects, Solinst’s customers are provided with easy and convenient access to the necessary data to ensure a well-informed decision-making process.

The launch of this advanced technology means that managing multiple monitoring projects in one central location has never been so easy for the water industry. Solinst Cloud smartly organises information into projects, providing quick and easy access to key data. Users can navigate through the user-friendly dashboard view with ease, gaining quick access to crucial details concerning alarm activations as well as the latest reports.

Solinst Cloud has been developed to adapt to the ever-changing, individual needs of each user. Solinst has declared its commitment to develop further enhancements of the Solinst Cloud ensuring that this sophisticated technology remains at the forefront of data management and storage for water monitoring networks.

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