• Sustainability is Key When Selecting Submersible Sensors


Sustainability is Key When Selecting Submersible Sensors

Nov 14 2018

There are so many options when choosing a submersible sensor that it may be hard to distinguish between market offerings. As environmental professionals, it is important that while we’re monitoring earth’s most precious resource, we aren’t contributing to the problems we’re trying to solve. Seametrics Smart Sensors are the only sustainable submersible sensors on the market. With replaceable batteries, field serviceable cables, and eco-friendly, modular design, these sensors have been designed to minimise waste and endure long-term deployments with ease.

They feature precise, high resolution, temperature compensated readings with internal data logging capacities ranging from 50,000 to over 500,000 records stored in non-volatile memory. Constructed in 316 stainless steel or Titanium with Polyurethane with cable options in Polyethylene and ETFE, they fit a wide range of conditions from freshwater to contaminated sites. Pressure ranges from 1 to 500 PSI, vented and non-vented, cover everything from shallow evaporation ponds to deep pumping wells. Modbus and SDI12 direct read outputs allow for connection to 3rd party telemetry or control systems with no interruption of internal data logging. Never lose data due to a down telemetry system again!

Choose LevelSCOUT for low cost, non-vented, level recording featuring a 4.5-year replaceable lithium battery. Choose PT2X for vented or non-vented level recording, featuring 520,000 available data points and recording intervals as fast as 8 readings/second. Choose CT2X for vented or non-vented level recording with Conductivity, TDS, and Salinity output with 349,000 available data points and recording intervals as fast as 2 readings/second.

Configure these models using the brand new Aqua4Plus 2.0 software featuring automatic sensor detection as well as data logging configuration, real-time data monitoring, and custom calibration setups. Use Aqua4Plus 2.0 to set your sensor to log based on your custom profile settings or choose one of the preconfigured logging profiles provided. It will also remember the three previous logging profiles used to make multiple sensor deployments that much quicker.

The real-time data monitoring is now available in both live graph and table views. Real-time data can be run with no interruption of data logging, so you can check current conditions at any time while recording. The calibration feature allows you to both calibrate and configure your sensor to read pressure several ways. Pressure can be calibrated to read as Depth to Water (PSIG ranges only), Groundwater Elevation, or be matched up to an existing Staff Gauge reading.

Designed for environmental sustainability, ease of use, and to protect your investment, Seametrics Smart Sensors are a clear choice when selecting your next submersible sensor.

To learn more about Seametrics Smart Sensors and flow products please click here.

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