• Sensor Cable Design Critical for Data Protection

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Sensor Cable Design Critical for Data Protection

Jan 16 2019

When selecting a submersible sensor for a project, the focus tends to be on sensor technology, features, and software; however, sensor cabling is a key component that’s often overlooked. Quality sensor cables ensure your data is protected and accurate.

While there are several materials and types to choose from, the following three cover most site needs. Polyurethane: great for most general-purpose applications; a flexible jacket material that is easy to route and resists abrasion. HDPE: a stiff, strong jacket suited for direct burial and improved chemical resistance; recommended for long term applications. ETFE: designed for the harshest of environments providing superior chemical resistance even at higher temperatures.

Seametrics Smart Sensors use robust custom cabling available in all three jacket materials. All standard cabling includes stranded conductors lined with polyethylene for excellent insulation and flexibility. Beneath the jacket is a braided shielding to provide both electrical noise protection and tensile strength. In combination with aramid fiber stranding woven between the conductors, this shielding not only makes their cables self-supporting, but also eliminates cable stretch down the well. When properly earth grounded, this shielding also provides electrical noise protection allowing installation alongside power wiring without affecting sensor performance. For vented applications, a strong nylon vent tube is used that will not collapse under compression and allows for tight bends without kinking.

In addition to the durability and flexibility of Seametrics cabling, they offer the only line of non-disposable, eco-friendly smart sensors on the market. With replaceable batteries, field serviceable cables, and modular, rebuildable sensor construction, they’re designed to minimise environmental and budgetary waste. Cable quality is a critical feature when your data is important and Seametrics has the right one for your unique application.

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