• Precise fluid transfer technology complies with post Brexit regulations


Precise fluid transfer technology complies with post Brexit regulations

Jul 05 2021

Longer Pumps, a Halma subsidiary, have been providing peristaltic and other precision pumps used in environmental monitoring, laboratory, pharma and medical applications since 1997. With their expert knowledge of this market, they are well aware how to comply with post-Brexit regulatory needs and their range of precision pumps already comply with UKCA criteria. Longer Pumps intend to launch an almost continuous series of new products as they continue their policy of constant improvement and new innovation, all of which will carry the UKCA mark. Customers can rest assured that the prompt and reliable supply Longer Pumps’ products will be one certainty in a time of uncertainties. 

Longer Pumps offer a highly respected range of very versatile and configurable products widely used by the scientific community for applications that demand the highest levels of precision and accuracy. The Longer Pump range is also widely used by OEMs who have chosen these products for their high quality, ease of use and value for money. These OEMs have returned to Longer Pumps regularly, safe in the knowledge that they will be receiving precise and reliable technology, excellent customer service and an end-product that their customers can depend on. 

The product range consists of precision peristaltic, syringe, micro-piston and micro gear type pumps with flow rate ranges between 0.001 mL to 34 L per minute. The Longer Pump’s piston pumps have a 6.8 bar rating, while their micro-gear models are rated to 14 bar, although the tubing used will be very likely to affect the achievable level of pressure. Longer’s pumps are used in a wide range of applications in sectors such as water treatment, the chemical industry, food and beverage. These pumps are the perfect tool for fluid transfer in labs and are important components for CEMS, analytical instruments, dialysis machines and many other machines in which reliable fluid transfer is vital. 

Longer Pumps recently launched their 1F Series Intelligent Peristaltic Pump, for both lab and industrial applications. The 1F Series features a 7 inch colour touchscreen display enabling simple set-up and configuration. The pumps’ programmable fluid transfer modes include constant speed, ramp up/down, step up/down and sine and allows the operator to set constant, incremental and decremental dispensing. Supplementary functions for direction, delay, event trigger, paus, jam, loop, stop and external control outlook can be added. This range of intelligent peristaltic pumps has a large array of pump heads to cater for a wide choice of flow rates between 0,022 mL to 3,000 mL per minute. Operators can also opt for multi-channel pump heads for up to 12 channels.

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