• Digital syringe pump for mass spectrometer sampling


Digital syringe pump for mass spectrometer sampling

Nov 18 2021

Premier Control Technologies’ new dLSP500 syringe pump is an essential tool for the modern lab.  The dLSP500 features state-of-the-art technology that provides precise and accurate dispensing; with functional versatility enabling first class performance across multiple applications; all packaged in a space-saving, contemporary and visually pleasing enclosure. The new syringe pump offers a wide overall flow range with extremely steady and precise dosing rates ranging between 0.0007nl/min to 57.621ml/min, making it ideal for mass spectrometry and other precision, analytical disciplines.  

The dLSP500 can be controlled and operated in several ways.  The operator can view and set-up all parameters on a highly user-friendly and intuitive 7” touchscreen display. Alternatively, customised programs can be configured rapidly when performing more complicated multi-step dosing tasks with multi-mode operation via dedicated software. The third option is control and monitoring via a PC or smart device app through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Premier Control Technologies have integrated the latest technology so that the intelligent MS sampling pump can detect syringes, liquid leaks at syringes, power supply discrepancies, motor stalling and give working process updates with clear voice reminders. Prompts, such as LED indicators, aid the operator through the whole process to ensure that minimal sample loss and maximum safety. The operator can easily control speed, flow-rate, sample dispense volume remotely and in real-time. 

The new dLSP500 mass spectrometry sampling pump complies with 21 CFR guidelines for pharma applications with its capability to manage data, maintain digital records and control data access reliably and precisely. 

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