• Ultrameter II


Ultrameter II

Jun 07 2010

With all new features and functions …

The Ultrameter II still delivers the most accurate dissolved solids measurements of any instrumentation and the greatest degree of accuracy available for pH, ORP and Temperature measurements, but has been redesigned to include an LSI/Hardness Calculator, Free Chlorine Measurements and Bluetooth® data transfer with the optional bluDock™ accessory.

The LSI calculator makes it easy to analyse the scaling nature of water in the lab or in the field. The calculator computes the saturation index of a sample based on measured and inferred values for pH, temperature, hardness and alkalinity. You can then change any of these values in user adjust mode to analyse the effect of the change on water balance. User mode also allows you to input measured values for alkalinity and hardness as determined by other independent testing for a precise saturation index value.

Within the LSI Calculator is a Hardness calculator that allows you to select either ppm or grains of hardness units.

Free chlorine measurements are mathematically derived from Oxidation Reduction Potential measurements. The mV to ppm free chlorine conversion algorithm is based on a published conversion curve and bench testing performed at the Myron L Company. With this new feature Myron L instruments can measure a dynamic range of sanitiser concentrations that is wider than the range of a colorimetric test kit.

With the bluDock™ accessory package, the Ultrameter II can now also transfer data wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology.

The Ultrameter II also features KCl, NaCl, 442™ and User-defined solution modes for proper solution modelling in diverse applications. Autoranging allows instrument to maintain resolution for solutions with widely varying concentrations. The pH/ORP sensor is user replaceable and can be calibrated to 1, 2 or 3 points depending on requirements. 4-wire conductivity cell construction, extremely stable circuitry and proprietary conversion algorithms deliver reliable repeatable results.

Ultrameter II is compact, portable, waterproof and buoyant, easy to calibrate and easy to use.

Call the Myron L Company today to see why customers are saying this is the instrument they’ve been waiting for.

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