• A portable solution for fast and precise in-situ water quality analysis


A portable solution for fast and precise in-situ water quality analysis

Jan 16 2024

The Ultrameter II™ Series, from Myron L® Company, offers a compact and versatile handheld instrument for in-situ water quality analysis. The instruments, particularly the model 4P and 6PFCE, provide a comprehensive suite of analysis tools, replacing the necessity for more expensive and less convenient laboratory equipment.

In environmental monitoring and water quality assessment, the Ultrameter II™ Series stands out as a one-handed instrument designed for quick and precise measurements of key water quality parameters. The Model 4P, featuring conductivity, resistivity, TDS, and temperature readings, provides increased resolution across a wide range of applications through auto ranging capabilities. Additionally, the 4P includes three preprogrammed solution models (KCl, NaCl, and Myron L’s 442 Natural Water™ Standard), enhancing accuracy by tailoring the instrument to match the analyte's constituents.

The Model 4P boasts IP67 level dust-tight and waterproof capabilities, NEMA 6 submersibility, and buoyancy, making it suitable for a variety of field conditions. With the bluDock™ option, wireless data transfer becomes possible, facilitating seamless data management.

The Model 6PFCE extends the capabilities of the 4P by incorporating pH, ORP, and Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE™) measurements. Temperature-compensated pH readings, user-selectable calibration points, and a proprietary construction of the pH sensor contribute to achieving ±.01 pH accuracy. The ORP measurements, using a 99.9% pure platinum electrode, demonstrate an accuracy of ±1 millivolt.

The 6PFCE introduces a groundbreaking method for determining Free Available Chlorine. By using a proprietary predictive ORP algorithm, it provides empirical measurements of the chemical activity of a solution without relying on colorimetric and test-strip methods. The FCE function ensures a fast and accurate assessment of the killing power of free chlorine species in water, taking into consideration the actual pH of the water sample.

Both Ultrameter II models offer user-friendly calibration and maintenance procedures. The 6PFCE's pH sensors are user-replaceable, making the instruments easy to service in the field.

Myron L® Company ensures the longevity and reliability of its instrumentation by providing live expert technical support throughout the life of Ultrameter II devices. This service enhances the user experience, promoting confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the instruments.

The Ultrameter II™ Series offers a valuable solution for in-situ water quality analysis, offering fast, lab-accurate readings in a handheld instrument. With features such as auto ranging capabilities, preprogrammed solution models, and unique functionalities like FCE™, these instruments provide a versatile and reliable toolset for environmental monitoring professionals.

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