• Ground-breaking water quality analyser puts laboratory precision in the palm of your hand


Ground-breaking water quality analyser puts laboratory precision in the palm of your hand

Jul 14 2022

The Ultrameter II™ 6PFCE is a water quality analyser that replaces costly and cumbersome lab instruments single-handedly! This compact and simple-to-operate device provides rapid and reliable readings of pH, ORP, TDS, conductivity, temperature and Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCETM) at the push of a button.

Myron L® have designed the Ultrameter II 6PFCE so that the instrument does all of the work, while the operator simply needs to rinse and fill the cell cup, push a button and take a reading.  The 6PFCConductivity/TDS measurement function allows end-users to choose between 3 pre-programmed solution models: NaCl, KCl or the Myron L 442 Natural Water™ Standard. There is also the option to program a ‘user solution mode’ with the characteristics of a known solution. 

The high-tech engineering that has produced this device has created a handheld instrument with Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS benchtop accuracy of  ±1% and ±.1% of reading at calibration point. The Ultrameter II 6PFCE has temperature compensation set automatically at 25°C. This can easily be switched off if necessary, and the instrument’s auto-ranging feature maximises reading resolution as the magnitude of measurements changes, making the Ultrameter II 6PFCideal for a wide variety of applications.

The device also provides temperature compensation for pH measurements. The versatile Ultrameter II 6PFCE allows operators to choose a 1, 2, or 3 point calibration, depending on the range of samples measured, so, this instrument’s pH readings will achieve a ±.01 level of accuracy. Myron L pH sensors are built to last and feature a large KCl reservoir for an extended lifespan. Because the pH sensors are user replaceable, the useful life of the Ultrameter II 6PFCE is extended potentially to decades. ORP is measured with a 99.9% pure platinum electrode; it shares a reference junction with the pH sensor and provides ±1 millivolt level of accuracy.

The Ultrameter II 6PFCE includes Myron L’s cutting-edge Free Available Chlorine measurement method which bases its calculations on a predictive ORP value. This enables operators to monitor this parameter without the need for colorometric or test strip methods, both of which provide less precision, but more work.

Myron L’s versatile water quality analyser is dust-tight, waterproof, submersible, and buoyant. Calibration is also a quick, user-intuitive task which involves simply measuring the appropriate Myron L NIST traceable standard solution or buffer in calibration mode and correcting the measured value. When pH calibration is necessary, the operator is prompted and walked through this simple procedure for each calibration point chosen, ensuring the correct buffer solution is utilised. Plus, you get Myron L service and technical support for the life of the instrument.

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