• Analysing water quality without the hassle and cost of laboratory technology


Analysing water quality without the hassle and cost of laboratory technology

Feb 15 2024

Myron L’s Ultrameter II 6PFCE provides technicians with an extensive suite of in-situ water quality analysis options that enable them to avoid the use of expensive and less convenient lab-based analytical technology.

The 6PFCE is a genuine one-handed device that delivers precise and reliable conductivity, resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE™), and temperature data at the touch of a button.

Unlike other instruments on the market, the 6PFCE’s conductivity and TDS functions enables users to choose the solution type used to model the solution under test: KCl; NaCl; Myron L’s own 442 Natural Water™ Standard; or USER, programmable to model a known solution. This consequently provides accuracy of ±1% of reading in a handheld instrument, with accuracy increasing to ±.1% of reading at calibration point. Temperature compensation is automatic to 25°C, but can be deactivated by the user if necessary. The 6PFCE’s auto ranging capabilities offer enhanced reading resolution across a wide variety of applications.

Temperature compensation is also included for pH readings; users can opt to perform a 1, 2, or 3 point calibration, depending on the range of samples measured, for a pH accuracy of ±.01%. Myron L’s pH sensor, which as user-replaceable, features a large potassium chloride solution reservoir to ensure a long life span. ORP readings, which have an accuracy of ±1 millivolt, are made using a 99.9% pure platinum electrode and a reference junction that is shared with the pH sensor.

The 6PFCE also features a highly innovative, new way to determine Free Available Chlorine based on a predictive ORP value. Precise readings of a solution’s chemical activity are performed without the inconvenience and subjectivity of obtaining results using colorimetric analysis or test-strips.

Calibration and maintenance are quick and easy, so the instrument can be serviced rapidly by the user. The 6PFCE is IP67 dust-tight and waterproof, NEMA 6 submersible, and buoyant and backed-up by Myron L’s world-class service and technical support for the life of the instrument.

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