• ISE Ammonium Probe: Greater Accuracy and Stability with CARTRICAL® NH4D sc Ammonium ISE Probe


ISE Ammonium Probe: Greater Accuracy and Stability with CARTRICAL® NH4D sc Ammonium ISE Probe

Apr 04 2008

The NH4D sc ISE ammonium probe from HACH LANGE, with CARTRICAL® technology, is clearly superior to comparable products.
Calibration-free combination sensor with automatic potassium compensation The CARTRICAL® sensor cartridge is designed for long-term calibration-free use. It is also drift stable, thanks to the rugged integrated pHD reference element (differential electrode). NH4D sc carries out continuous direct measurements without any need for sample preparation.
The CARTRICAL® cartridge holds three electrodes which are perfectly calibrated to each other. Therefore, the NH4D sc probe does not have to be calibrated after changing the sensor. A matrix correction can be carried out easily whenever necessary. Cross sensitivities between ammonium and potassium are automatically eliminated.
Easy handling and permanent data security through the CARTRICAL® cartridge The compact CARTRICAL® cartridge replaces the previous three electrodes and makes the handling of the probe simple: after changing the cartridge, the probe is immediately ready for use again. Just remove the old cartridge, plug in the new one, and enter the code. As all the sensors are changed together, accuracy is assured.
Cost effective to install and operate, also in small sewage treatment plants TheCARTRICAL® sensor cartridge,which ismore favourably priced than individual electrodes, ensures error-free handling. The excellent price-performance ratio of the NH4D sc probe also enables small sewage
treatment plants to cut their energy costs.
The NH4D sc comes as a complete system from a single supplier. The probe is installed on the side of the tank. An SC controller completes the system. It can be extended to include an automatic cleaning unit with a compressor.
For a brochure or a free quote, please contact: HACH LANGE GmbH, Willstätterstraße 11, D-40549 Duesseldorf, Tel. +49(0)2115288-0,
Fax +49(0)2115288-143, info@hach-lange.de, www.hach-lange.com

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