• Fast and Reliable Wind Shear Detection for Airports

Portable/Field Testing

Fast and Reliable Wind Shear Detection for Airports

Sep 26 2016

Leosphere’s (France) Windcube 400S-AT.  is a turnkey autonomous and networkable remote-sensing instrument.

This  new generation LIDAR is designed for airport safety and low level wind shear alerts. It accurately detects wind shear within the ICAO recommended area of monitoring around the airport. Depending on the lay out of the airport, one Windcube 400S-AT may be sufficient to cover the whole area that needs monitoring. It gives an fast and reliable warning of wind shear hazards, and scans all potential hazard zones in real time within the airport air space, detecting wind shear up to 10km range, and automatically alerts air traffic controllers of hazards.

The fibered technology used in all WINDCUBE LIDARs is designed to meet demanding operational requirements whilst achieving optimal instrument compactness. Windcube 400S-AT.offers a high degree of flexibility on the geometry of the scanning patterns  because of its swift and extremely accurate scanner head.

Over 700 LEOSPHERE Windcube Lidars are currently being used throughout the world, onshore and offshore by operators at meteorological offices, airports, the aviation industry, wind farms, military posts, port installations and research institutes.

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