• Upgraded infrared gas detector offers unsurpassed performance in harsh industrial environments

Gas Detection

Upgraded infrared gas detector offers unsurpassed performance in harsh industrial environments

Nov 09 2021

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection’s GD10P infrared gas detector has been significantly improved with a complete firmware overhaul and upgrade. This highly versatile infrared gas detector was introduced nearly 30 years ago and is now ubiquitous in some of the world’s harshest industrial environments, having remained at the forefront in its field through continuous technological improvements. Such is Teledyne’s confidence in this instrument that they have extended the warranty to far beyond that of conventional infrared detectors.

Functional safety standards compliant with IEC 61508
The GD10P’s new firmware conforms to the most stringent functional safety standards; its safety function is compliant with the IEC 61508 - Edition 2 standard according to Route 1S and Route 1H.

Most safety monitoring systems within the process industries are set up as ‘low demand mode’ solutions. However, there is an increasing demand for ‘high demand mode’ solutions, these are for locations at which more than one incident of alarm per year is anticipated. Gas detectors, used in such environments, such as the GD10P, need to be extremely robust, precise and to hold a SIL2 third-party certificate. 

Solid-state infrared source – 15 years of robust gas detection 
The new firmware has enhanced an already world-class detector. The GD10P was already a cutting-edge detector featuring a solid-state infrared source, its optical chamber, which integrates two separate IR silicone semiconductor sources, is so stable and robust that Teledyne have issued a 15-year warranty, rather than the usual warranties of up to 3 years one would expect with regular infrared detectors. Heated optics have been included to prevent condensation, HART interface, fail-safe operation as well as enhanced diagnostics and attention to details such as scratch-proof sapphire lenses and mirrors to replace glass further enhance this highly reputable instrument.  

While most infrared gas detectors will perform 2-3 measurements per second, the GD10P can carry out up to 50 per second. This more thorough approach leads to a reduction in false alarms, greater measurement precision, faster responses and therefore a greater level of safety with lower operational costs. Furthermore, while most conventional IR detectors need calibration twice a year the GD10P needs no calibration, meaning less time and money spent – simply install and forget. 

The GD10P’s highly-robust solid-state dual sources enable the GD10P to operate in the most extreme conditions. Having had wide usage in the oil and gas sectors, this detector has proven capabilities. These detectors also operate reliably in environments where vibration, humidity, dust and air flow rate would affect other devices’ performances. 

In addition, this detector offers a far more rapid detection time than current conventional IR detectors and a calculated lifetime of a GD10P is 60 years, whereas most other detectors would have an average of about 5 years. 

Field proven industrial gas detection
The versatile GD10P is ideally suited for a host of applications; a great example is its wide use for detecting ethylene in air being recirculated in large industrial machines. These applications need an SIL2 certified gas detector set for high demand mode. The GD10P successfully carries out the tasks that previously would have necessitated further investment in process monitoring instrumentation combined with conventional gas detectors. GD10P also offers the perfect solution for propane detection at welding stations. The GD10P’s ‘auto-zero’ capability makes operation in these dusty conditions possible, where catalytic detectors have failed. The GD10P is even used in the perfume sector: it successfully monitors for ethanol in perfume essence storage to avoid the loss of the valuable commodity being diluted and to avert a build up of ethanol in a confined building.  

Lowering the cost of gas detection ownership
The GD10P has been installed in over 100,000 locations across the globe, in some of the harshest conditions industry and nature have to offer. Not only is this a highly reliable instrument, cost of ownership is exceptionally low with only one detector needed in each system, rather than multiple detectors required in low demand SIL2 applications. 

The improved firmware has enabled the GD10P to conform to the up-to-date criteria of the third-party certification requirements which, when combined with the cutting-edge technology that has kept the GD10 at the forefront of infrared gas detection technology, gives you a detector with extraordinary capabilities in any location in the world. 

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