• A dependable, flexible and cost-effective industrial gas detection solution

Gas Detection

A dependable, flexible and cost-effective industrial gas detection solution

Jan 18 2024

Precise and dependable gas detection technology is key to ensuring workplace safety. There is a global demand for solutions that offer flexible, high-performance, and cost-effective deployment while incorporating modern features such as intelligent sensors and the capability to detect various gases poses a significant challenge. The Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection iTrans 2 fixed gas detector stands out as a proven and increasingly popular solution, among the options available on today’s market.

Teledyne’s iTrans 2 features smart sensor technology integrated into an intelligent electronics platform, enabling the detection of one or two points from a single head, thereby providing maximum flexibility, with both readings displayed on the standard-issue LED and display. Gas sensors can be mounted to the transmitter directly or deployed remotely, offering a high level of adaptability for use in a wide variety of environments.

The versatile iTrans 2 is compatible with infrared, catalytic bead, or electrochemical sensors for detecting explosive, toxic, or asphyxiant gases, as well as oxygen. Notably, the iTrans 2 can be configured with a 0-100% volume methane infrared sensor for biogas applications and CO2 infrared sensors covering a range from 0.5% to 100% volume. All sensors are delivered pre-calibrated with smart technology, enabling automatic sensor recognition and data transfer. The instrument also displays sensor life data automatically following each calibration, to ensure ongoing reliability.

Installation of the iTrans 2 is streamlined for ease and efficiency, offering cable-saving and time-saving benefits. Ubiquitous configurations, such as the 3-wire (4-20mA) and 4-wire (digital ModBus) models, cater to a wide range of applications. Both configurations support the full utilisation of the detector’s features and options, facilitating seamless integration with all iTrans 2 sensors.

The iTrans 2 further offers further user convenience via its analogue 4-20mA and digital RS-485 Modbus (9600 baud) outputs. Optional integration of the HART communication protocol enables remote communication across the 4-20mA signal, facilitating diagnostics, commissioning, and calibration. A simple magnetic wand facilitates ease of use by enabling full transmitter configuration and calibration with no need to open the explosion-proof housing.

The Teledyne iTrans 2 fixed gas detector addresses the multiple and often complex demands for versatility, high performance, and cost-effective deployment. Its intelligent design, compatibility with a variety of sensors, and user-friendly features position it as a reliable solution for multiple applications in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in many different industrial locations.

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