• MEMS technology takes new generation of gas detectors to the next level

Gas Detection

MEMS technology takes new generation of gas detectors to the next level

Jul 08 2024

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection’s highly advanced OLCT 100-XP-MS range of flammable and toxic gas detectors now features state-of-the-art MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) sensor technology. This technology offers several key advantages over conventional, catalytic sensors, notably poison immunity and a significantly extended operational lifespan. It also provides the highest level of precision for a host of ubiquitous combustible gases and gas mixtures, including butane, hydrogen, methane and propane.

Technicians have traditionally opted for a catalytic sensor calibrated for a pre-specified gas or an infrared sensor enclosed within a flammable gas detector housing. While the conventional gas sensors are highly effective, MEMS technology provides some important advantages. Catalytic sensors need bump tests to check for poisoning and infrared technology is ineffective for the detection of hydrogen. The recent rise in demand for hydrogen’s use as a greener and cleaner alternative to natural gas has also raised demand for precise hydrogen detection technology.

MEMS sensors have taken gas detection to a new level. Teledyne’s OLCT100-XP-MS will provide highly accurate readings % LEL correlated with the particular gas or blended gas and vapour clouds present in the vicinity. This sophisticated device offers a combination of both infrared and MEMS technologies taking flammable gas detection new levels of precision and reliability and all kinds of challenging industrial environments, such as the energy sectors, wastewater treatment, lithium-ion  battery energy storage systems (BESS), emergency services and heavy industrial manufacturing. These demanding applications often have areas where there are exceedingly high levels of humidity, pressure and temperature which result in sensor damage or poisoning, along with all of the associated costs and delays. MEMS technology overcomes all of these hurdles and produces reliable and precise readings wherever and when ever they are needed.

Régis Prévost, Product Line Manager, Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection  commented, “Our flammable gas detector with thermal conductivity technology supported by MEMS sensor provides accurate, automatic readings without correction factors, along with automatic gas classification. Delivering unprecedented reliability and accuracy, the device reduces false alarms thanks to integral compensation for environmental parameters that include temperature, pressure and humidity.”

“With its robust design and highly engineered construction, our low-maintenance OLCT100-XP-MS comes with a two-year warranty,” added Mr. Prévost. “Indeed, such is our confidence in this innovative flammable gas detector that users can expect many years of reliable and accurate operation in the most demanding industry applications.”

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