• Precise hydrogen and natural gas detection using a high-performance and highly flexible all-in-one instrument

Gas Detection

Precise hydrogen and natural gas detection using a high-performance and highly flexible all-in-one instrument

Sep 12 2023

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is unveiling an advanced version of the highly acclaimed Gasurveyor 700 (GS700): the GS700-Hydrogen. This enhanced detector not only retains its existing ability to detect natural gas (NG) but Teledyne had added the capability to identify hydrogen (H2). By amalgamating the detection of both natural gas and hydrogen into one multifunctional device, this instrument provides versatility and effectiveness across a considerably wider spectrum of gas utility applications. Extensive testing and collaborative work with prominent gas utility companies in the UK has played a pivotal role in the development of this highly innovative device.

The portable and lightweight (1.4kg) GS700-Hydrogen will make gas detection tasks, such as indoor and outdoor leak detection, purging, punching barholes and pipeline testing considerably easier for operators. This fully ATEX-certified instrument offers rest-assured precision and safety for end-users, whether they are detecting natural gas, pure hydrogen (100% H2), or blends of hydrogen.

On the banks of the Firth of Forth in Scotland, SGN is progressing with its H100 Fife project, which will establish the world's inaugural green hydrogen gas network. What sets this project apart is the development of a dedicated pipeline solely designed for 100% hydrogen, running in parallel to the existing natural gas distribution pipeline. This new approach gives consumers the freedom to choose between the two gases and ensures a seamless transition.

SGN collaborated extensively with Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI), part of Teledyne’s Gas and Flame Detection (GFD) brand. These collective efforts were instrumental in the development of an advanced instrument created to meet the stringent demands of emergency response and engineering teams with the capability to precisely and reliably detect and pinpoint leaks of both H2 and natural gas. In this fruitful partnership, the GS700-Hydrogen's functionality underwent significant refinements, its technology was thoroughly validated and its effectiveness in real-world applications was verified meticulously.

Teledyne GMI also worked with Northern Gas Networks, who are spearheading the UK’s ‘H21’ hydrogen homes project, a program that will play a key role in the UK’s efforts to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Northern Gas Networks used the GS700-Hydrogen to ensure safety within their H21 networks and measure hydrogen levels during undertakings such as purging and pipeline commissioning.

The collaborative approach to the development of the GS700-Hydrogen, deployed in real-world operating conditions, resulted in a very successful outcome, and the inclusion of numerous value-added features on the instrument. These enhancements encompass intuitive display options that provided users with access to comprehensive gas readings at their fingertips. The GS700-Hydrogen provides  LEL, PPM, and volume gas readings and features 360° alarms that prioritise operator safety. At the touch of a button, users can effortlessly toggle between viewing the overall flammable reading or individual LEL readings (natural gas or hydrogen). In addition, the user interface is completely adaptable, enabling customisation tailored to the specific needs and preferences of operators.

This highly adaptable instrument offers dedicated application modes, for example: gas leak outdoors, purging, barholing and search operations, offering an extremely high level of flexibility. Each mode provides fast and precise measurements, helping to rapidly pinpoint gas leaks and ensuring that utilities have the best equipment to protect people and safeguard assets. Additionally, the GS700 includes compliance features via intelligent data logging and optional GPS mapping, thus simplifying data collection and empowering managers to make informed decisions based on data driven reports.

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