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New Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Jun 17 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) announced the launch of its new Thermo Scientific iCE 3000 Series of Atomic Absorption (AA) spectrometers.
Comprising the new iCE 3300, iCE 3400 and iCE 3500, the innovative iCE 3000 Series has been designed to facilitate prolonged and trouble-free
operation - even with the most difficult samples - and offers unparalleled functionality. Featuring a small footprint, these new AA spectrometers are themost compact available and have been developed to accommodate both flame and furnace analyses. The new easy-to-use Thermo
Scientific AA range of instruments primarily addresses the analytical needs of users working in food safety as well as environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, metals and materials industries.
The iCE 3000 Series of AA spectrometers operate on the intuitive Thermo Scientific iCE SOLAAR software platform. The extensive wizards of
the iCE SOLAAR software guide users quickly and easily through various operational procedures, providing a step-by-step guide to routine
activities and demonstrating the correct sequence of operations to achieve a specific objective.
Designed as a dual flame and furnace AA system, with standard or Zeeman furnace option and D2 background correction, the iCE 3500 is ideal for high-throughput environments requiring fast and regular flame and furnace analyses. Changeover from flame to furnace analysis is entirely software-controlled allowing for unattended operation. The iCE 3400, which also features Zeeman and D2 background correction, is a single furnace atomizer AA systemdesigned to achieve outstanding performance even in cases of challenging detection limits. The iCE 3300 is a complete solution for laboratories that primarily perform flame analyses but that also occasionally process furnace samples.
The help text and cookbook provide additional information on the operational conditions for any elemental analysis, while application tips for sample preparation and matrix modifiers are also available in the software to ensure maximum confidence in results. The SOLAAR Security software is able to secure data for compliance purposes or just for good practice.
It provides all the tools needed to comply with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 ruling by adding e-signatures, event logs, audit trails and access controls.

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