• Ultrasonic flowmeter offers ideal solution for ultra-pure water applications
    Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter


Ultrasonic flowmeter offers ideal solution for ultra-pure water applications

Sep 24 2021

Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter has been designed for ultra-pure water dispensing applications. Ultra-pure water needs to be purified to very strict requisites and is a crucial component for industries in specialist markets in which impurities cause product contamination or thwart process efficiency.

Ultra-pure water (UPW) is ubiquitous in production and cleaning processes in the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and power industries, where there is a need for technologies and equipment that maintain the purity of materials. It is vital that flow measurement instruments used in UPW systems can operate successfully with low flow rates and they are made using ultra-pure materials so that they will not contaminate the liquids they measure.

The Metraflow® utilises Titan’s patented ultrasonic time of flight technology to precisely measure liquids flowing through the clear, single, clean bore measurement flow tube manufactured from high performance Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA) polymer.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises, says: “Ultra-pure water can become easily contaminated by atmosphere passing through tiny leaks or diffusing through thin wall polymer tubing used for flow measurement. PFA polymer was chosen specifically as an advanced tubing option for the Metraflow® as it offers excellent chemical inertness, is able to withstand damage by dangerous contaminants, prevents accumulation of particles and has an ultra-high grade of purity.”

The Metraflow® is non-intrusive and has no internal moving parts. It has been designed to accurately monitor process flows at temperatures ranging from 10ºC to 60ºC and pressures up to 27 bar. The non-invasive single tube ultrasonic flow meter offers an expansive operating flow range with accuracy of +/-0.5% FSD and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min.

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