• Instructional videos help end-users to avoid installation and wiring problems for industrial flowmeters
    Titan Enterprises releases video tutorials to support customers installing their flowmeters.


Instructional videos help end-users to avoid installation and wiring problems for industrial flowmeters

Aug 25 2021

Titan Enterprises recently released several video tutorials demonstrating the correct method of wiring their pulse precision flow measurement instruments to support customers with the installation of Titan flowmeters into their applications.

Wiring a flow meter may be second nature to experienced technicians and may seem easy enough for regular end-users. However, Titan’s flowmeters are ubiquitous in a many industries, processes and applications. New, inexperienced operators will be unfamiliar with Titans flow metering solutions and could find themselves in a sticky situation if the meters are wired incorrectly when they are installed.

Most Titan flowmeters use transistors which may become damaged because of simple wiring mistakes, leaving them a defunct meter before they have even started! Giving customers clear visual instructions on how to install one of their flowmeters with the requisite wiring to the power source, Titan Enterprises hope to save their customers time and money by avoiding preventable mistakes.

Recent research indicates that a significant proportion of people use a video to learn something new. Neil Hannay, Titan’s Senior R&D Engineer stated “For customers who are new to our flowmeters, visual demonstrations for wiring the flow measurement devices will help to reduce simple errors that cost customers time and money.”

“YouTube is a very accessible platform and is a great delivery method for Titan flow meter instructional videos. As we don’t carry out on-site flow meter installations ourselves, providing visual tutorials are a useful way to illustrate correct wiring methods which we anticipate will reduce the number of unnecessary returns and rebuilds.”

Video tutorials currently available on the Titan website include wiring requirements for Titan’s

  • Beverage flowmeter.
  • Turbine flowmeters from Titan’s 800 series, 900 series and FT2 flow transducers.
  • OG2 oval-gear flowmeter.

Titan’s will be launching further flow metering instruction videos to include their entire range of flowmeter instrumentation to assist end-users to get the best out of their meters and to make sure that these devices are operating at their most efficient capabilities within customer applications.

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