• Plug-and-play 4G remote water level monitoring telemetry system


Plug-and-play 4G remote water level monitoring telemetry system

Mar 24 2022

Solinst have launched a 4G version of their highly successful Model 9500 LevelSender 5 telemetry system which offers a simple and low-cost method of collecting data from Solinst’s remote dataloggers.

The new telemetry system operates with wireless cellular communication, so data is forwarded via email or SMS to a dynamic database on the user’s home station computer. This gives the end-user total control of the data and how it is delivered. 

Model 9500 4G operators have the option of including an activated and pre-installed Solinst SIM card; the instrument arrives already set up to perform, so programming and installation is simple. This system is a bona fide plug and play remote water level monitoring solution.

The SIM card will automatically scan the various network providers to find the strongest signal for the location of the instrument’s installation – so operators can now enjoy a hassle-free, low cost data plan, billed directly by Solinst, and control both data and budgets.

The compact and robust LevelSender 5 telemetry system can fit discreetly inside a 2" well. A Solinst Levelogger water level datalogger and Barologger, which measures atmospheric pressure to compensate the water level readings, can be connected to each LevelSender.  Solinst’s 4G LevelSender 5 has low power consumption and uses three 1.5V AA replaceable lithium batteries. Remote data reports include remaining battery life as well as LevelSender and datalogger status for remote monitoring requirements. 

The telemetry system’s software includes an simple step-by-step and easy to follow "wizard" to set up your LevelSender data collection schedule and data recipients. This software can also carry out diagnostics and firmware upgrades. 

Telemetry systems save time and money by cutting the amount of visits to the field. With the LevelSender 5 telemetry system you save even more time thanks to two-way communication and the capability of remotely controlling and updating a LevelSender from your home station computer.

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