• Mercury Determinations for On-line Wastewater Applications - Step into the Future


Mercury Determinations for On-line Wastewater Applications - Step into the Future

Jul 18 2019

P S Analytical is delighted to showcase our new developments around trace metal monitoring, particularly for the toxic mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and selenium (Se) elements in wastewater streams

We are excited to bring some real game changing analysers to this application area with the launch of our new third generation, online systems for wastewater streams.

Toxic metal discharges have a huge impact on the environment as they bio-accumulate in wildlife and cause a wide array of human health issues. The system is based on oxidative UV photolysis of Hg with cold vapour gold amalgamation – AFS. The instrument has been developed to address the tightening of forthcoming effluent discharge limits.

Detection performance and lack of interferences have always been forefront in our design approach. This continues with this instrument release, which also benefits from syringe-based reagent delivery and employs a gold amalgamation trap as an integral part the detector. 

Moving away from the continuous flowing reagent streams, to a discrete approach has 2 main advantages;

  1. 1. Reagent consumption and running cost is significantly reduced
  2. 2. Chemical reactions proceed to completion mitigating any sample matrix effects and ensuring best possible limits of detection

The inclusion of the gold amalgamation trap in the detector also provides;

  1. 1. Improved sensitivity as the gold trap acts as a Hg Pre-concentrator
  2. 2. Automated removal of any sample matrix interference for improved performance

In summary our systems;

  • Employ Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy for ultimate low-level detection capability
  • Perform on-board sample handling such as UV oxidative heating and cooling
  • Use a fraction of reactions compared to flowing reagent systems (typically <5ml per sample)
  • Perform fully automated calibration and QC with alarm output options for out of range data
  • Allow analysis from multiple sample streams including “grab” samples

Application areas for this product are broad and include wastewater streams from municipal and industrial activity. For an example ultra-low online determination of these elements from coal fired power station wastewater click the link below.

In addition to these new online wastewater systems we offer a range of laboratory analysers, based on the same award-winning atomic fluorescence technology for ultimate detection performance for these elements including the analysis of different element oxidation states.

Should any of these topics be of further interest please contact PSA by filling out our Information Request page

So whether you application is a simple drinking water laboratory based analysis or a more complex online application we’d love to hear you. We are here to help.

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