• Online analysis of mercury, arsenic and selenium in wastewater with parts per trillion detection limits

Environmental Laboratory

Online analysis of mercury, arsenic and selenium in wastewater with parts per trillion detection limits

Jan 25 2023

Mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and selenium (Se) are considered environmental priority pollutants, and the determination of these metals in wastewater from industrial sources is a challenging application. In recent years, wastewater treatment plants have been installing technologies to capture and remove the metals, and the efficiency of these treatment processes needs to be monitored using accurate analytical systems.

PS Analytical has developed online systems that have the following attributes: a touch screen PC, multiple sample streams including grab samples, self-cleaning sample filtration, very low reagent and utility consumption, online digestion and sample preparation, and customizable alarm output options. The integrated AFS detector offers a number of analytical performance benefits, including ultra-trace limits of detection, wide analytical linear working ranges, lack of chemical interferences, inexpensive running costs, and ease of use.

In common with all our technology, PSA employs AFS as our central analytical technology, which offers dominance and leading performance in terms of sensitivity, working ranges, freedom from interferences. These attributes combined with our novel sampling systems, our hallmarked robustness, and ease of use make PSA your first choice for trace metal determinations.

To compliment the online analysers, P S Analytical offers a range of AFS laboratory-based systems. With the addition of analyte separation capabilities (which is becoming more routine) allowing for speciation studies, PSA offers powerful analytical tools to help contract laboratories, research teams and regulators alike with these determinations.

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