• Reliable and accurate mercury, arsenic, and selenium analysis in environmental and food samples

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Reliable and accurate mercury, arsenic, and selenium analysis in environmental and food samples

Feb 15 2024

P S Analytical (PSA) specialises in providing advanced analytical instruments developed for the precise detection of mercury, arsenic, and selenium, as well as antimony and bismuth, across a variety of sample matrices, encompassing environmental and food and beverage samples.

The presence of these hazardous metals in various states raises significant concerns. The evolving need for discerning both total and speciated chemical forms adds further complexity to the analytical process, posing challenges related to sensitivity, selectivity, and immunity from interferences. Beyond analytical considerations, operational aspects such as user-friendliness, dependability, robustness, and cost-effectiveness are key features synonymous with the PSA brand.

For over 35 years, PSA has excelled in combining Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) with either cold vapour generation or hydride generation. The integration of analyte separation capability, facilitating speciation studies, empowers PSA to provide sophisticated instrumentation for addressing these analytical challenges.

An illustrative example involves the separation of methyl mercury from inorganic mercury in diverse samples such as water, shellfish, seaweed, dairy products, vegetables, and grains. PSA's capabilities extend to distinguishing inorganic arsenic from less toxic organo-arsenic species in water, rice, and seaweed—further examples of applications tailored for this expanding area of concern.

The PSA team remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing and updating methods and applications to meet the ever-evolving market needs. With a considerable presence, boasting thousands of systems operational globally and backed by support networks across Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, PSA delivers an optimal combination of performance, reliability, and comprehensive support.

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