• Double Sampling Success for UK Water Company


Double Sampling Success for UK Water Company

Sep 23 2016

Leading Wastewater Sampler manufacturer Aquamatic (UK) are never surprised by new and occasionally unusual Sampling requests. During a visit to a major water company site last year Aquamatic’s Sales Manager Dominic McGivern was presented with an interesting challenge.

A composite sample was required from an unusually wide (6 metre) effluent channel on a large wastewater treatment plant. A small bridge crossing the effluent channel was highlighted as being the ideal location for the sampling equipment. The channel has a number of contributory flows feeding into it, as a result the effluent composition and flow across the channel varied dramatically, therefore raising concerns that a single composite sample may not be fully representative of the channel as a whole. So far fairly straightforward!

Fitting a mixer upstream of the sample point had previously been considered but rejected due to the size and cost of an appropriate mixing system needed for such a wide channel. Aquamatic were therefore asked to provide a refrigerated sampling solution to extract samples from 4 positions across the channel width. The equipment had to be MCERTS Certified and represent a cost effective solution to the problem.

It was then that the real complication of this requirement became clear, the width of the channel in question was not sufficient to allow for the installation of 4 individual Stationary Samplers. After consideration of the customers technical requirements, the idea of a twin module version of our ever popular outdoor refrigerated Aquacell S320H sampler was agreed and put into development. This solution had the benefit of being cheaper than separate individual Aquacell S320H samplers and most importantly occupied a much smaller footprint on the bridge. The new unit, incorporates 2 of the MCERTS Certified Aquacell Sampling Modules which sit at the core of every Aquamatic Sampler.

Dominic commented: ‘This solution is now installed and running on the customers site and their feedback is that they see it as a great response to their slightly unusual site set up. Another great spin off from this development is that the new twin module S320H also represents a fantastic solution where a treatment works is very small and therefore the influent and final effluent sampling points are close enough together to be served by one stationary sampler, we already have a number of enquires like this! We hope this recent success will further enhance our reputation as a leading supplier of Wastewater Samplers to the UK and the rest of the world.’

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