• NEW Alphasense sensors enter production in the second half of 2023

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NEW Alphasense sensors enter production in the second half of 2023

Aug 09 2023

Hot off the back of the recent introduction of their 100% Leak Free O2 sensor, Alphasense, the UK-based supplier to the air quality monitoring and safety gas detection sectors, is bringing two new products into production during the second half of 2023. These new product offerings comprise the NEW H-Series format and A+/B+ range of smart sensors.

The recently enhanced O2-A2 and O2-A3 Oxygen sensors, now guaranteed 100% leak free, entered production in April, with many thousands already in active service in instruments. The new O2 sensor design represents a step-change in temperature and humidity resistance, providing customers with a sensor which will not leak, even under the most arduous of applications. 

The second new product to hit production for Alphasense in 2023 is the new compact H-Series sensor. Smaller, thinner and lighter than traditional sensor formats, the H-Series is compatible with 1-Series sensors from other manufacturers and is available for 9 target gases including H2 immune CO and dual CO/H2S. The introduction of H-series from Alphasense gives OEMs greater flexibility in instrument design and increased choice in sensor selection. 

The compact format of the H-Series delivers a considerable space saving. For instance, when used within a four-gas configuration, the H-series presents a 43% space saving vs legacy A-series/4-series formats, equivalent to 13cm3 of volume within the housing. In addition, the use if surface mount spring contacts instead of pins creates flexibility, reduces the need for sockets on PCBs, saves space, and eliminates a common point of failure in traditional sensors. The H-series is available to pre-order with samples being offered from the end of Q3 and shipping commencing in Q4 of 2023.

Lastly, the new A+ and B+ smart sensors will be available in sample form from Q3 and shipping in bulk from Q4. The A+ and B+ combine Alphasense’s already popular A-Series and B-Series sensors with Integrated Smart Technology (IST), delivering ‘out-of-the-box’ benefits and giving OEMS the ability to develop their own custom solutions.

The addition of IST on A+ and B+ provides the sensor with onboard memory which is factory-populated with 30+ sensor-specific parameters and provided with additional vacant memory for manufacturer or end-user data. These new smart sensors also features on-board temperature monitoring and a robust surface mount spring interface. A+ and B+ sensors are shipped pre-loaded with sensor specific parameters including build data, customer data, warranty info, serial number, target gas, performance ranges and full factory calibration data.

The introduction of these new products, as well of those scheduled for 2024, strengthen Alphasense’s position in the market and expands its global product offering. Based in Braintree, Essex, Alphasense manufactures and supplies industry-leading, high-quality sensors for many of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of industrial gas detection equipment, stack gas analysers and environmental monitoring instruments. 

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