• New leak-free oxygen sensor, ensures instrument integrity and reliability
    NEW Leak-free O2 sensor from Alphasense prevents instrument failures due to sensor leakage

Gas Detection

New leak-free oxygen sensor, ensures instrument integrity and reliability

Jul 10 2023

Alphasense has released its highly robust O2-A2 and O2-A3 oxygen sensors, now guaranteed to be 100% leak-free. This innovative design overhaul provides a significant advancement in high-temperature and humidity resistance, offering customers an unsurpassed solution for their sensor needs, even in the most challenging industrial settings.

Through rigorous accelerated life testing, Alphasense has demonstrated the superb performance of these new sensor designs, surpassing similar sensors on the market by up to ten times when put through destructive testing. This achievement solidifies Alphasense's reputation as a trusted provider of robust and precise sensors, catering to the needs of many industries.

These leak-free sensors offer a multitude of benefits beyond the reduction in sensor replacement costs. A key advantage lies in their ability to prevent instrument failure, a common result of sensor leakage. By eliminating the risk of leakage-related failures, instrument downtime is minimised, site efficiency is improved, and scheduled replacements to mitigate potential leakage are therefore unnecessary. This extended lifespan reduces environmental impact as well as leading to lower maintenance costs.

Unlike many "low-cost" sensors that incorporate vents to manage spills, the patent-pending Alphasense O2-A2 and O2-A3 models are fully sealed to ensure complete prevention of leakage. This unique feature sets them apart in the market, guaranteeing uncompromised reliability and accuracy.

Alphasense's new leak-free sensors are available under the same part numbers thus eliminating the need for certification, administrative, or firmware changes. This seamless transition enables customers to upgrade to the superior offering effortlessly, saving time and resources.

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