• A new gas sensor of epic proportions has just arrived

Gas Detection

A new gas sensor of epic proportions has just arrived

Jun 08 2023

Alphasense has just launched the new H-Series sensor, this offers a compact footprint designed specifically for portable instruments. The introduction of the H-Series provides OEMs with a gas sensor with enhanced flexibility in instrument design and a wider range of sensor selection options.

The H-Series sensor has a smaller, thinner, and lighter design, making it ideal for integrating into portable devices. It is fully compatible with 1-Series sensors from other sensor manufacturers, allowing seamless integration into existing systems. With nine variants available, the H-Series covers an extensive range of gases, which includes both common and exotic gases, extending its applications beyond just compliance devices.

The H-Series includes a dual CO/H2S sensor, which enables the integration of a fifth sensor in a four-gas enclosure. Additionally, the H2cross-sensitivity CO sensor gives OEMs the option of incorporating hydrogen immunity as a standard feature in their compliance devices. These advancements allow OEMs to provide a higher level of functionality and improved performance in their gas detectors.

The H-Series sensor offers a significant space-saving benefit, with a 43% reduction in size in comparison to the A-Series/4-Series. This equates to a volume reduction of 13cm3 within the housing, resulting in a more efficient use of space in portable devices. By using surface mount spring contacts instead of pins, these sensors provide more flexibility, reduce the need for sockets on PCBs, save space, therefore eliminating common faults often associated with other sensors.

While the H-Series represents a new physical format for Alphasense, the sensors are built upon the proven Alphasense D-Series technology. This ensures that their customers can have confidence in the dependability and performance of the H-Series sensors, assuaging concerns often raised with the adoption of new formats.

Will Parrett, Sales and Marketing Director (EMEA) at Alphasense, expressed his enthusiasm about the new sensors, stating “We are really excited to bring this format to market. We know customers like this compact form factor and with Alphasense now adopting it, customers can benefit from more choice, better service and higher-quality sensors. Those OEMs who are already using similar sensors have greater choice right away and those who are considering it have more options for sourcing. The size reduction H-series provides gives instrument manufacturers the opportunity to completely rethink their device designs and we look forward to seeing this platform develop over the coming years.”

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