• A refrigerant gas sensor for every application

Gas Detection

A refrigerant gas sensor for every application

Feb 08 2022

Over a decade of dedicated research and development has enabled NET to offer a range of globally renown refrigerant gas sensing technology that provide end users with unparalleled precision and dependability. NET’s versatile range of microprocessor-based gas sensors come completely calibrated and are widely used in many commercial and industrial locations across the world.  

The IRNET-Pro, has been the epitome of reliability for over a decade of use in many different industrial sectors ranging from cold rooms to landfill gas detection to tough oil and gas related applications. It reliably detects carbon dioxide at ppm levels to 100%vol ranges, hydrocarbons and R-32 based gases (R454, R452) in the lower flammable limit range. The SIL2 certified IRNET-Pro offers complete calibration over-40°C/+60°C temperature range.

NET’s SIL2 certified IREF-Pro provides precision detection of low ppm concentrations of HFC and HFO gases. It includes a powerful black body light source to facilitate ppm detection of a many different gases and is supplied completely calibrated for the target gas.

The IREF-Lite is an economic model of the ‘Pro’ version and widely used in commercial and light-industrial locations. This detector is widely used for A2L refrigerants (R32, R1234yf, R1234ze) in the flammable range and for gases used in VRF applications (R410a, R134a) up to 1%vol.

The Remora module is the latest addition to the NET product portfolio. The cost-effective Remora offers the same features and detects the same gases as the IREF-Lite but this model was designed for direct installation on chillers and other refrigeration equipment rather than using a conventional gas detector. The hardware can be tailored completely to the customer’s specifications.

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