• The top features of the MK8 Pellistor

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The top features of the MK8 Pellistor

May 09 2023

Fixed flammable gas sensors play a vital role in industry, keeping personnel safe and protecting vital assets. And when searching for a flammable gas sensor, it can be overwhelming with the number of choices available on the market. This blog post gives you a rundown of the top features of our latest flammable gas sensor, the MK8 Pellistor, helping you in choosing the best solution for your team and business. Read on below to find out more.

Most poisons resistant Pellistor on the market

Pellistors gas detectors can become affected by poisons or inhibitors, such as silicone and lead based compounds, making them inaccurate and reducing their lifetime drastically. This is a common issue in the Pellistor market. Our new MK8 Pellistor however, continued to accurately respond to 50% LEL flammable gas even after 40 minutes exposure to the poisoning agent. This significantly outperforms even our best-in-class MK3, providing market leading poison resistance over a long time period.

Extreme stability

At IGD, we have designed our latest flammable gas sensor to ensure extreme stability over its lifetime. Flammable gas sensors can be prone to drifting as a sensor ages and over exposure to contaminants and vapours occurs. Over time, these factors can affect a poorly designed detector arrangement, causing it to drift into a false negative or positive reading. IGD have managed to mitigate this with the MK8 flammable gas sensor, resulting in typically less than 2% LEL drift per year of operation.

Long-life low-cost ownership

The MK8 can operate for up to 5 years, massively reducing costs due to the infrequency of replacements. Additionally, our MK8 flammable gas sensor is plug replaceable, meaning the stainless-steel housing can be retained when your sensor is end of life. Not only is this better for the environment, but this also provides clients a much lower cost of ownership. With the MK8 we only replace what’s needed.

Available on our 2-Wire Addressable Technology or on Dated Analogue

The MK8 is available to all of our clients on our unique 2-Wire Addressable technology or on our classic 4-20mA system.

Our leading addressable technology provides clients with a 70% cost saving upon installation whilst increasing operational efficiency and security by 80%. Providing a massively cost effective and reliable system with any IGD 750 series model.

However, if you have an older 4-20mA system, there is no need to worry! IGD can provide the MK8 flammable gas sensor in our TOC-903-X5 detector head. Giving all clients the opportunity to add the most poison resistant flammable gas sensor on the market to their IGD system.

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These are just a few of the best-in-class features of the MK8 flammable gas sensor. This device is perfect for applications such as the hydrogen economy, where accurate, high quality and stable detection is vital. This technology in combination with our unique, world leading 2 wire technology provides the market with a detectably better solution for flammable gas detection.

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