• The Most Advanced Gas Transmitter On The Market

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The Most Advanced Gas Transmitter On The Market

Sep 13 2022

International Gas Detectors Ltd are excited to announce the latest addition to our product range: the TOC-903-X5 gas transmitter. This brand-new gas detector transmitter provides a huge leap in technology to the gas detection market, with its dual gas sensing capabilities and onboard connectivity. Backed by our 100 years of experience in gas detection technology, you can be sure that you are getting the most advanced gas transmitter on the market with full-service support from the experts in gas detection technology.

What is the 903-X5 Gas Transmitter and What Benefits Can It Provide me?

The 903-X5 is a gas transmitter approved to ATEX explosive zones 1 and 2 and dust zones 21 and 22, available as a standalone 4-20mA transmitter and on our unique 2-wire addressable systems; providing all in one gas transmitter. With easy integrability onto any existing or new IGD gas detection system, the 903-X5 is massively flexible. This gas transmitter comes with dual sensing capability and over 400 gas sensors available with plug replaceable capability. Thus, you can easily switch the sensors in your 903-X5 to update your system, perfectly suiting your gas detection needs. Each sensor is guaranteed to come with IGDs leading sensor technology, ensuring you are getting the best possible gas detection capabilities with a long operational life from an experienced manufacturer.

Our 903-X5 features non-intrusive, one-person calibration, perfect for easy and simple servicing in all environments. We have designed this gas transmitter with the user in mind, including easy to navigate menus and at-a-glance digital display for system status. This means you can receive all of the vital information you need, as and when you require it without the need to interrogate the detector. Additionally, the 903-X5 updates itself when detectors are fitted, updating the information on the transmitter such as: gas type, range, measurement type and alarm levels. This now means there is no need to spend time setting the unit up, and minimises the potential human error, as the 903-X5 does this for you. This latest gas transmitter is easily applicable to any of our accessories, so you know this versatile device is doing its best at keeping your team safe.

This gas transmitter is manufactured utilising our century of experience in the gas detection industry, guaranteeing a high-quality gas transmitter for your gas safety. The 903-X5 also comes with a 10-year warranty on electronics and full support from the IGD service team. Not only reducing the cost of upkeep on your system, but also confirming that your gas transmitter is in perfect working condition throughout its life.

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It is easy to see why this is the most versatile gas transmitter available on the market. These are only some of the new features on the 903-X5, check out the datasheet here for more information.

Contact IGD for more information to arrange a product demonstration and get a quote today! Or visit our website for more information on our product range.

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