• New Standard in Flammable Gas Detection

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New Standard in Flammable Gas Detection

Aug 09 2022

International Gas Detectors Ltd have designed and released a new standard for flammable gas detection, the MK8 pellistor gas detector. The MK8 pellistor gas detector combines over 65 years of pellistor engineering with reliability and tested performance to provide clients with the most accurate, poison resistant pellistor based gas detector in the world. This advance in pellistor gas detector design demonstrates IGD’s commitment, innovation and capability. Read our article below to find out how the MK8 is setting a new standard for flammable gas detection.

Extreme Resistance to Poisoning and inhibition

Pellistor based sensors all use a heated catalyst to combust flammable gas.  The consequent temperature change can then be directly related to the gas concentration. Any such device based on catalysts will be susceptible to ‘poisoning’. Poisoning occurs where certain chemicals and compounds react with the surface of the catalyst and by their action reduce the response of the catalyst to the desired target gas.

The MK8 pellistor gas detector shows extreme poison resistance to standard poisoning agents. The MK8 was put up against our older MK3 pellistor gas detector and our closest competitors pellistor. Industry standard tests only apply 10ppm poisoning agent for 40minutes. However, IGD’s standard test requires 100ppm for 40minute to simulate real world conditions. The MK8 surpasses both our older MK3 and our competitors pellistor gas detectors continuing to respond reliably to flammable gas in the presence of a poisoning agent. Thus, setting a new standard for flammable gas detection.

Longer Life, Lower Cost of Ownership

Current industry pellistor gas detectors offer a 2-4 year operational lifetime which incurs ongoing cost of ownership to clients. Our new MK8 flammable gas detector has exceeded and set a new standard for pellistor gas detector lifetimes and reducing cost of ownership. The MK8 features the industries longest operational service life of 5 years plus. In addition, the pellistor itself is a plug replaceable design. Now you don’t need to replace the complete stainless steel detector head and electronics. Just pop in a new sensor cartridge, calibrate and you’re up and running again.

The Ideal Technology for Hydrogen Gas Detection

As well as being an important industrial gas, hydrogen is becoming an increasingly important green fuel. Our hydrogen gas detection page discusses the hydrogen economy further and our detection solutions. However, the new MK8 pellistor gas detector enhances safety especially with the hydrogen economy. Providing clients with industry leading accuracy for flammable gas detection and designed for harsh conditions. This provides clients with the ultimate, cost effective, long life, yet reliable solution for detecting hydrogen gas. Available in the TOC-750X ATEX/IECEx zone 1 and 2 environments with IP68 rating.

End Result – New Standard for Flammable Gas Detection         

The MK8 pellistor gas detector is feature rich and solves many problems the industry was currently facing with pellistor type gas detectors. From extreme poison resistance, to enhance stability and performance. Contact the team to find out more about this outstanding leap in pellistor technology.

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