• A highly dependable VOC monitoring team

Gas Detection

A highly dependable VOC monitoring team

Apr 04 2022

Blackline Safety’s G7 personal gas detectors use ION Science’s state-of-the-art Photoionisation Detector (PID) technology to provide their customers with a real-time, cloud-connected overview of their Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions as well as location data, gas mapping and comprehensive data analytics. 

Blackline’s G7 wearables and G7 EXO area monitors continuously and precisely monitor VOC ambient gas levels as well as the worker’s location. This data is reported back to the cloud wirelessly through cellular or satellite connection. The data streamed to the cloud is available immediately to visualise the readings on a map overlay. Safety management can then identify hotspots and hazardous areas and react swiftly before a major incident occurs. 

Gas logs streamed from the G7 instruments generate a large volume of data that is processed by the Blackline Live compliance dashboard. Blackline Analytics provides operators details of how and where equipment is being utilised, where hazards are occurring and each bump test, calibration and gas exposure is recorded automatically.

ION Science’s MiniPID 2 is a simple plug-and-play sensor that offers dynamic and reliable response to a broad range of VOCs in a wide variety of applications. This humidity-resistant PID was recently independently verified as best performing on the market and offers 10,000 hours of lamp life and an expected lifespan of 5 years. These sensors have unparalleled temperature stability and include an internal gas table with over 700 VOCs and toxic compounds

These sensors feature ION Science’s patented Fence Electrode Technology to provide results that can be relied on even in the harshest environments by offering industry-leading humidity resistant operation and an anti-contamination design, to protect the sensor from moisture, dust and aerosols. MiniPID 2 was designed for both diffusive and pumped sampling and delivers a superb response time.

Blackline Safety’s G7 sensors have a lifetime warranty and, if anything happens to a sensor, or if a MiniPID 2 sensor needs to be serviced, downtime is kept to a minimum as it takes just a matter of seconds to replace the cartridge.

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