• Fastest direct mercury analyser on the market

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Fastest direct mercury analyser on the market

May 05 2020

Lumex Instruments have recently launched their new direct RA-915 Lab Zeeman mercury analyser.

The RA 915 Lab performs direct analysis by AAS with Zeeman correction, without the need for time consuming and costly digestion and pre-concentration. Therefore, the RA-915 Lab instrument offers excellent analysis throughput and delivers low analysis costs.

In total, analysis of a sample usually takes 1- 3 minutes, making the RA-915 Lab the fastest direct mercury analyser on the market. In addition, the instrument does not require any reagents, argon or oxygen as a carrier gas, which keeps analysis costs to a minimum.

The scope of applications includes analysis of environmental samples (water, soil and bottom sediments, ores, air filters, plants etc), fuels (crude oil, naphtha and condensate, coal), food products (fish, crops etc) and many more, so one analyser can meet the requirements of virtually all applications for mercury analysis.

The high-end PC-controlled combustion chamber provides optimal modes for complete sample decomposition depending on its matrix and the option of gradual sample heating, from ambient temperature up to 900°C, to study mercury thermo speciation.

Non-selective interferences from other absorbing compounds that may form during sample pyrolysis are removed thanks to the implementation of Zeeman AAS.

Now analysts do not need to take care of the mercury level is in the analysed sample: the closed-loop system automatically chooses the optimal rate of atomisation depending on mercury and non-selective absorbance in the analytical cell; no data will be lost due to signal saturation. Moreover, because there are no memory effects, it is possible to correctly analyse a sample with low mercury concentration immediately after a sample with high mercury content.

The powerful software with a user-friendly interface fully complies with FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements providing different access levels for the users.

The calibration of the analyser may be carried out using liquid or solid certified reference materials.

Two versions of RA-915 Lab analyser are available, one includes a compact autosampler holding 45 positions. Both models have a small footprint and are extremely easy to use.

The RA-915Lab provides full compliance with the techniques for the analysis of solid samples by thermal decomposition and direct analysis by AAS following standard methods like, for example, EPA 7473, or ASTM 7622.

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