• New mercury analyser provides precise, real-time analysis for onsite and laboratory environmental analysis

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New mercury analyser provides precise, real-time analysis for onsite and laboratory environmental analysis

Feb 21 2024

Lumex Instruments is launching the successor to its highly popular Light-915 mercury analyser. The new Light 915M2 will replace the Light 915, having enjoyed many years of successful operation around the world. The new model will operate using Lumex’s proprietary Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) technology, which has served industry so well for over 30 years, but the new version has seen significant improvements and developments added to further enhance industrial mercury monitoring.

Highly toxic mercury is still omnipresent and found in many industrial environments, so workplace surveillance and control of this ubiquitous pollutant is of paramount importance. By eliminating the pre-concentration step, Lumex’s measurement technology can capture measurements in real time, enabling precise monitoring or product inspections if there is a possibility of contamination.

The new Light 915M2 builds on the success of the previous model. In addition to the proven Zeeman AAS, the new system now features a lower detection limit of 50 ng/m³ of mercury in air and can measure over 5 orders of magnitude up to 200 µg/m³.  The housing is made of shockproof aluminum and has protected corners made of Santoprene, which facilitates standing or lying operation if the system is used as a stationary, rather than portable device. This means that the versatile Light 915M2 can be used in the laboratory or workshop, as well as outdoors to perform field measurements or on a measuring vehicle.

The datalogger memory is sufficient for 100 hours of measurement data, with a 10 second time resolution, and the analyser can be used for up to 12 hours when running on battery power. As with all Lumex analysers, the Light 915M2 carries out calibration and zero adjustment automatically during operation and does not need any external calibration materials.

Within Lumex’s mercury analyser range, the new Light 915M2 covers the concentration range necessary for occupational safety monitoring and goods control applications, while the portable RA 915M mercury analyser is ideal for immission measurements or residential/administration inspections. Lumex provide a range of world-class environmental monitoring technology including solid and liquid sample analysis for both the laboratory or on-site applications.

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