• Blackline Safety announce connected safety program with UK Severn Trent Water

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Blackline Safety announce connected safety program with UK Severn Trent Water

Sep 06 2022

Blackline Safety Corp. has announced a deal worth £1.3 million with Severn Trent Water, the UK’s second largest water company, for connected personal gas detection devices to protect their staff and support its digital transformation. 

With this new deal, 10,000 workers across six of the 12 UK water and wastewater authorities will be protected by Blackline’s cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

During August this year, Severn Trent started deploying the first 1,650 Blackline G7c wearable devices.  They will replace the remainder of their existing gas detection instruments with over 2,600 Blackline Safety G7c wearable devices and associated services.

The wearable G7 lone worker/personal gas detection devices reliably and precisely detect hazardous gases and warn both the user and management in real time, enabling the staff member to evade the danger and actions to be taken to avoid future problems. These rugged and intelligent instruments are backed up by Blackline’s 24/7 live monitoring service which will ensure that Severn Trent’s employees will enjoy unsurpassed protection. Staff will now be protected by automated safety incident and health event monitoring which will detect instances where staff members have stopped moving, falls and when they have missed scheduled check-ins.

The 3-year contract was secured by Blackline’s UK distributors, Breathe Safety, and can be extended for an additional 5 years of service, which would raise the value of the contract to £2.7million. 

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