• Precise, efficient and reliable continuous sampling of mercury in stack emissions

Air Monitoring

Precise, efficient and reliable continuous sampling of mercury in stack emissions

May 05 2023

CDL-Tecora’s Mercury Emissions Continuous Sampler (MECS), provides a dependable solution for the continuous emission sampling of mercury that is fully compliant with XP CEN TS 17286.

The MECS sampler is permanently installed on a stack for continuous sampling from 1 hour up to 15 days. The system offers fully automated sampling, requiring no operator presence. Additionally, there is no need to dismount the complete sampling unit to change sampling tubes, making it a simple and efficient solution for mercury emissions sampling.

The MECS sampler is composed of two units - the sampling unit the on-stack and the control unit. The sampling unit can be mounted outdoors and can be started at any time with no need for a long preparation time. All the material that comes into contact with the flow stream is made of glass for sampling tubes and titanium or stainless steel for the other part of the sampling probe.

The MECS sampler utilizes two parallel sorbent traps for sampling. Known volumes of the flue gas are continuously extracted through paired, in-stack, pre-spiked sorbent media traps at appropriate nominal flow rates. The last section of each sorbent trap is spiked with Hg0 prior to sampling, and following sampling, this section is analysed separately. Paired train sampling is required to determine method accuracy. The MECS sampler also includes the option for flow measurement via Pitot tube. Full remote control of the MECS sampler is possible through 3G/4G connectivity.

With MECS sampler, customers can ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements for mercury emissions sampling while also benefitting from a fully automated, efficient, and compliant solution.

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