• Toxicity Evaluation of an Industrial Effluent in Southern Nigeria


Toxicity Evaluation of an Industrial Effluent in Southern Nigeria

Sep 25 2015

Dr Dr. Daniel Ikudayisi Olorunfemi from the University of Benin, Benin City, presents "Toxicity Evaluation of an Industrial Effluent in Southern Nigeria"

Several industries in Nigeria have been implicated in indiscriminate discharge of effluents into surrounding water bodies. In this study effluents from a glass manufacturing industry in southern Nigeria were collected at the point of discharge to assess the toxicity and their potential impact on the receiving water body. The effluents were analysed for physicochemical parameters and cyto-genotoxicity evaluation using the Allium cepa test. The random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) assay was used to assess the level of DNA damage in root tip meristems of A. cepa L. cultivated in the effluent samples.

Results of the physicochemical analysis showed that most of the parameters of the wastewater were present at amounts within limits set by national (NESREA) and international (USEPA) for effluent discharge. However, compared with the control, results obtained from the cyto-genotoxicity studies showed significant concentration-dependent reduction of mitotic index and induction of chromosomal aberrations at all tested concentrations. DNA polymorphism was discernable by changes in the RAPD profiles as variation in the intensity, disappearance of old and appearance of new bands compared to the control. A total of 171 bands were detected and 96 (56.14%) of these fragments were polymorphic. The loss and gain of bands increased with concentration of the effluent.

The data obtained from this investigation suggests that the system of waste management of this effluent is inefficient to guarantee minimal risks associated with its discharge into the environment.

This talk will take place on Thursday 19th November, 4-4.30, Room 1.

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