• New Spectral Colorimeter


New Spectral Colorimeter

Feb 18 2008

LICO 500, HACH LANGE’s new spectral colorimeter, embodies 15 years
of competence in the spectral measurement of liquids. LICO now offers
even simpler handling, tremendously fast results and unsurpassed
measurement reliability.
The new spectral colorimeter impresses through its optimal operation.
The intuitively operated touchscreen and clear instructions minimise the
familiarisation period. Coloured symbols such as the dynamic measuring
range bar show the user directly where the value is located in the colour scale. And the 100 archivable user profiles with individual configurations, password protection and user-specific display colours are ideal for situations in which several people may use the instrument.
LICO 500 is fast and future-safe. A measurement takes only 7 seconds, thanks to the directly driven spectral grating. 22 integrated colour scales, including commonly used ones such as iodine and Pharm.
Eur, and more specific ones such as Saybolt and ASTM, cover all the
main requirements for quality assessment. LICO 500 stands for reliable
and reproducible measured values – through the use of spectral grating technology in 10 nm resolution together with automatic cuvette identification. One advantage of the spectral measurement is its long-term stability in contrast to filter photometers. LICO 500 automatically provides reminders of menu-guided self-monitoring with certified test filters, calibration and service interval. The test aids set for measurement reliability is rounded off by the certified ADDISTA color standards.

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