• Compliant water analysis following ISO standards …made easy
    Hach’s LCK cuvette tests for COD, ammonium, nitrate, and total N are now official ISO standard methods
  • Hach’s ADDISTA offers advanced analytical quality assurance (AQA)
  • Hach’s environmental center recycles 75% of cuvette test materials. Image shows recycled silver.


Compliant water analysis following ISO standards …made easy

Jan 16 2024

It is not only accredited laboratories that have to follow ISO standards for water analysis, and ISO compliance can be challenging, especially with stretched resources such as qualified personnel, time, availability and budget. Luckily there is now a compliant, easy to use alternative...

Hach® ISO cuvette tests

Operators of wastewater treatment plants have to satisfy wide-ranging demands; ensuring optimum nutrient removal and reduction of organic load for compliance, while minimising energy and chemical costs. Frequent monitoring of critical control parameters empowers them to make the right decisions, and in the majority of plants this is achieved with online process monitoring equipment.

For reporting purposes, laboratory analysis following ISO standards is frequently required. Hach therefore offers a complete range of ISO cuvette tests as well as analysers, sensors and software solutions for 24/7 monitoring.

Official recognition: The chemical formulation, precision and reliability of Hach’s LCK cuvette tests for COD, Ammonium, Nitrate and Total Nitrogen ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of ISO standards.

Minimum reagent quantity - maximum safety: LCK cuvette tests use only a fraction of the typical amounts of reagents; consuming less resources and creating less waste. The closed system prevents direct contact with the chemicals because the ready-to-use reagents are pre-dosed to avoid errors.

Easy to use: The lids of the colour-coded cardboard boxes contain a pictogram of the analysis steps. Boxes and cuvettes carry a barcode for automatic method detection. This barcode details batch number and reagent expiry dates, which are documented along with the measurement results. For advanced quality control Hach offers Addista standard solutions – the ultimate solution for analytical quality assurance (AQA).

Cost-saving and sustainable: Hach runs its own in-house certified environmental center in Dusseldorf, where used cuvette tests are separated into the different materials with a 75% recycling rate. Customers receive a certificate to document the compliant disposal of their reagents, and this free service is available for most EU countries.

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