• Multi-point on-site water quality monitoring made easy
    Fig.1: Closed BactoSense multi
  • Fig.2: Open BactoSense multi, showing the sustainable, refillable cartridge


Multi-point on-site water quality monitoring made easy

Jan 08 2023

Keep track of microbiological contamination with the automated BactoSense Multi

BactoSense Multi belongs to the family of on-site water monitoring instruments from bNovate Technologies. It allows simple and fast analysis of multiple samples from different sampling points within water plants, bottled water companies, or any production facility where water quality is a crucial parameter. 
A reusable cartridge with all chemicals tightly sealed makes BactoSense Multi a sustainable and safe instrument. Not only does it help keep the overview on your water quality, but it also supports your process optimisation.

BactoSense Multi is a user-friendly flow cytometer developed by bNovate Technologies, the Swiss pioneer in automated cell analysis. It enables water plants and bottled water companies to have a complete and accurate microbiological overview of the water quality at every step of their processes. Its features complement bNovate’s BactoSense instrument for online measurements, which provides fast results in only 20 minutes. 

Fig.1: Closed BactoSense multi

This water monitoring instrument precisely counts the bacteria eventually present at any point of a water network and ensures the biostability of the system. The entire measurement procedure, from sampling to reliable results is very easy to perform. 

Three simple steps from sampling to reliable on-site results 

The operator takes up to 30 water samples, places them in the sample tray and starts the measurement via the touchscreen – BactoSense Multi does the rest without any further human interaction, even overnight.

BactoSense Multi delivers precise results rapidly and allows quick, well-informed decision making. Users get a clear understanding of the quality of their water sources without having to wait for results from an external laboratory  – which often take several days to arrive.  

Don’t bring the sample to the laboratory, bring the laboratory to the sample

bNovate’s cutting-edge industrial flow cytometer is a very cost-effective and fast complement to traditional plating techniques to monitor water quality. BactoSense Multi brings the laboratory to the production line, providing a new level of automated, reliable water analysis.

Having in-house measurements is of great benefit: enabling lightning-quick decisions. It can assist for the cleaning and disinfection of pipes or the immediate treatment of water, but it will also support any process optimisation on your line.

A sustainable solution for multiple water monitoring applications

Additionally, BactoSense Multi is a safe to use and sustainable solution. Thanks to its innovative, reusable cartridge system, any contact with chemicals and their waste is reduced to a minimum. Hermetically sealed, each refillable cartridge contains all reagents and chemicals needed for the measurement and cleaning process. 

Measurements are tailored by the cartridge choice. The TCC cartridge measures the Total Cell Count of the microbial flora, while the ICC cartridge focuses on the Intact Cells Count.

Fig.2: Open BactoSense multi, showing the sustainable, refillable cartridge

This water monitoring instrument is the ideal choice for obtaining a complete microbiological overview of raw water, disinfection control, water treatment processes, line sanitation optimization and water quality assurance in filling lines.

The BactoSense Multi brochure is available for download from the bNovate website and provides a clear insight into how multi-point measurement works and the benefits it offers. 

Would you like to get a BactoSense demo or talk to an expert? Contact bNovate and have all your questions answered!

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