• The instrument that changed microbiological water quality analysis forever

Water Quality Monitoring

The instrument that changed microbiological water quality analysis forever

Jan 17 2023

BactoSense from bNovate is a highly versatile, automated online flow cytometer used for water quality instrument that will provide end-users with precise and reliable measurements of bacterial contaminants in water in just 20 minutes. Operators can obtain dependable and accurate water quality data knowing that any bacterial contamination will be detected immediately enabling a swift response to solve the problem.

BactoSense features a bNovate’s unique hermetically-sealed, refillable and sustainable Cartridge System that is easy to use, environmentally-friendly and safe to handle. This system allows operators to choose their analytical parameters and perform up to 500 measurements per cartridge, avoiding potential contact with dangerous substances and enabling safe and eco-friendly disposal of the chemicals and reagents.

The BactoSense has taken industrial microbiological water quality measurement to new heights.  Flow cytometry was first used for microbiological activity in water analysis in 1968. This break-through enabled process and plant managers to obtain water quality data within 3 hours, up until then, traditional heterotrophic plate counts had been used - taking as long as 3 days to provide the requisite data. BactoSense has reduced the measurement cycle time down to just 20 minutes – and has 5 years of proven service in the field, so bNovate’s customers can rest assured that the technology has an excellent track record of providing operators around the world with water quality data they can count on.

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