• New miniaturised self-cleaning water quality probe


New miniaturised self-cleaning water quality probe

Nov 13 2020

Aquaread has introduced a new multiparameter water quality probe featuring a new, much smaller self-cleaning system called the AP-6000. Before now, if automated cleaning of the probe's sensors was required, the larger 77mm diameter AP-7000 Aquaprobe would have to be used. In certain applications, the size of this probe could be problematic, especially for bore-hole monitoring. The new AP-6000 has a diameter of only 55mm, making it a better fit for bore-hole based applications, whilst its smaller size reduces the cost of ownership.

The AP-6000 is supplied with all of the favourite water monitoring parameters such as pH, EC, dissolved oxygen, temperature and even depth. There are also 4 Aux sockets that allow you to add further sensors to the probe customising your data output, depending on the application's requirements.

The small self-cleaning system is removable from the probe body and contains a small but powerful motor allowing the wiper brushes to rotate and clean all of the sensors fitted to the probe. Advantages of this set up include ease of maintenance and also a reduced power requirement, both of which are beneficial for unmanned deployments.

The AP-6000 is a versatile water monitoring probe. It is small enough to be supplied in a carry case for portable use with the GPS Aquameter, but thanks to its self-cleaning system it can also be deployed with an Aqualogger for a medium-term deployment. Where this new product shines is when it's combined with a telemetry system to make your data accessible online.

Aquaread customers now have another choice for their remote monitoring requirements in the AP-6000 with its large number of measured parameters, small diameter, reduced power demand and lower cost of ownership. These features, in combination with a fresh and simple approach to telemetry, make it the ideal choice for effective long-term remote monitoring.

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