• New range of multiparameter water monitoring instruments

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New range of multiparameter water monitoring instruments

Nov 14 2022

Aquaread’s new PRO range of water quality instrumentation is made from rugged materials, previously not used for this application, and features a unique, cutting-edge measurement chamber which improves sensor stability to enable precise and reliable water quality parameter measurements at significantly greater depths than previously feasible. The PRO range offers the solution to some of the most demanding water quality monitoring applications; its smart sensors hold their calibration data and are simple to exchange onsite.  

The PRO range is a continuation of Aquaread’s success with their globally renowned Aquaprobe (AP) and Aquasonde (AS) series; both of these ranges now include PRO models made from a combination of titanium and carbon fibre, providing operators with superb levels of corrosion resistance and high compressive strength. Both the AS and AP models can take accurate measurements at depths of up to 1000feet/300metres.  

The Aquaprobe’s protective end cap extends along the inside of the sleeve; when attached to the sleeve it creates a stabler measurement chamber for the installed sensors. A matt black design avoids reflection and the sealed environment is unfettered by interference from stray light.

The PRO’s measurement chamber enables sensor calibration to be carried out using the calibration cup that push-fits on to the probe’s base, thus surrounding and sealing the holes and allowing the probe to stand upright. By using the measurement chamber for calibration, less volume of calibration solution is needed therefore saving end-users financial costs of maintenance.

Aquaread have introduced smart sensors in the PRO; these sensors hold calibration data

enabling exchange without recalibration. The PRO’s sensors can be calibrated in the lab and installed easily onsite, so there is no need for tiresome calibrating in the field.

The new range comes complete with all important water quality smart sensors as standard

and includes a self-cleaning system to facilitate and extended monitoring lifespan. The standard sensors include optical dissolved oxygen, conductivity, depth, ORP, pH and temperature. Four auxiliary ports enable additional smart sensors to be installed to provide more options for measurement parameters.

The AS-PRO features a novel three-position switch ring mechanism to allow users to confidently switch the sonde’s function. The switch ring allows operators to turn the unit off, set it to auto or activate Bluetooth mode and includes multi-coloured LED for to indicate the various parameters measured.

In ‘auto’ mode the sonde will detect if its connector has been blanked off, or if it is connected to a vented cable, or an Aquameter or a PC via USB, and will react accordingly.  

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