• First electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity to power intelligent water loss management introduced


First electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity to power intelligent water loss management introduced

Dec 17 2021

It is estimated that over 60% of the world’s population may face water shortages by 2025. However billions of litres of water are lost before ever reaching their destinations. A better grasp of demand, growth of demand and expensive leaks can be obtained with precise and timely flow data coming into and going out water facilities.

The AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms flowmeter, from ABB, provides the latest development in wireless solutions for continuous flow measurement, logging of precise data and passing on information that is vital for water management organisations. The AquaMaster4 provides superior connectivity on 4G-LTE and NB-IoT networks, and facilitates 60% less power consumption, whilst identifying leaks ten times faster than standard meters.

With the AquaMaster 4, ABB are offering the world’s first electromagnetic flowmeter with bidirectional connectivity and providing near real-time data to enable genuine intelligent water management. End users can access data generated from the instrument anytime, from the comfort of their own homes even if they live hundreds of miles away, allowing them to manage the device and their operations wherever they are located and at any time. They also have access to historical logged values of pressure, flow-rate, alarms, battery life, and activity record whnever and wherever they wish.

“AquaMaster 4 Mobile Comms allows you to stay connected to the flowmeter instead of just relying on data being communicated, providing dynamic insights into supply and demand and allowing better control and hence intelligent water management. This is a significant step forward in the digital journey in water networks, helping to save resources in an industry that is focusing so much on conservation and sustainability,” according to Krishna Prashanth, ABB’s Global Product Line Manager for Electromagnetic Flowmeters.

This state-of-the-art flowmeter is also unique because it can identify low flow night time leaks that would normally go undetected. The enhanced precision and connectedness leads to a far greater level of measurement and billing confidence. 

Thanks to its high speed, economic mobile data accessible through an internal SIM card connected to a mobile network, ABB’s AquaMaster4 Mobile Comms offers an adaptable and flexible solution for deployment from virtually any location. Costs are cut further by the device’s long battery life, which eliminates the need for awkward, expensive cables and visits to the site. 

This instrument also detects battery life and can be reconfigured to an alternative power mode. The device recovers itself by re-booting in the event of a fault and makes allowances for task automations. AquaMaster 4 can also be renewable-powered, expanding its cost-cutting capabilities, while predictive maintenance schedules and improved diagnostics helps saves even more time and money. 

AquaMaster4 has been awarded a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label for its high-tech response to the world’s need for water crisis mitigation and adaptation. The Solar Impulse label is awarded to profitable solutions that also protect the environment, and AquaMaster4 has been handed the label after an assessment based on verified standards which was carried out by independent, external experts. 

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